Silver Maples?? (Day 177)

Did you know there are over twenty kinds of maple trees? I didn’t know that. I mean I knew about those little Japanese maple trees and then red maples. This weekend I learned about a few different kinds – and today I’ve learned about a lot more since I have no idea what kind of tree we brought home.

For a while there has been a tree growing in Jeremy’s dad’s yard. It started as a little one and it’s about three feet tall now. There is only one branch or trunk or whatever you want to call it. Mike (Jeremy’s dad) was going to dig it up and get rid of it. We have NO trees in our yard – well we do – kind of. We have the Bradford Pear that was planted when they built the house; there is a peach tree we planted in the side yard that has seemed not to get any bigger since the day we planted it but it does get flowers and did have little peaches one year but not ones good enough to eat. Then there is the random unknown tree that grew out of a hole in the back yard.

None of them give good shade to the house or anywhere. So instead of just tossing out this tree from his dad’s yard – we took it. They had just gotten a pool and it took up parts of their old garden so they had a pot with that soil in it. We took it and put it in the trunk of the car and dug up the tree and put it in a bag. When we got home it was already starting to wilt at the top. Oh – there was another little one (same kind of tree) about three or four inches tall growing near it so we took it too.

Jeremy tilled up the soil in the pot and planted both of them in there and we went ahead and watered them just to be sure. Mike had mentioned that he thought it was a silver maple. Never in my life had I heard of a silver maple. He said it was because the underside of the leaves looked silver. Didn’t really look like that to me but who was I to say no? So I looked it up.
Sure enough this is what our tree is. The leaves look the same and I really love this color. I can’t wait until it gets big!! This is some information I found on the tree.
Grows in zones 3-9. The tree is deciduous, it loses its leaves every year in the fall then grows new leaves in the spring. The silver maple grows to a medium to large size at a rapid rate. Growth is slower after the tree becomes larger. The silver maple grows best in bright sun to partial shade and tolerates a wide range of soil types including poor soil. The silver maple is considered a medium texture tree. It has an upright form with oval to rounded shape and strong spreading branches.

It also says not to plant them near houses, driveways or any type of underground pipe. So that means I guess we have to plant it in the back yard some where. Darn. At least it will give us awesome shade when it’s big enough!!!I found the picture and the information here at They have every kind of maple you can imagine there. Looking at that picture makes me want to go and get more to plant!!!

xo – S.J.


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