Not So Smooth (Day 176)

By no way do we condone Seth watching tv shows with bad words or fighting or anything else we consider him to  young to watch. He does watch some cartoons like Spiderman and Sid the science kid and the like. We’ve never really had an issue with him saying bad words (once or twice maybe but not like some of the kids his age I hear) or doing anything REALLY bad often.

For the most part he is a good kid and very smart. For a year or two we tried to get his old school to test him for Horizon (the smart kids classes) but they never would. This year he is going to a new school closer to home because it will be easier for me once the baby comes. Anyway – I handed them his CRCT tests from last year on a Friday and on Monday I got a letter saying they wanted to test him for Horizon at that school. Thank goodness someone else sees the potential in him instead of wanting to tell me he has A.D.D. (idiots) like his last school.

Anyway – yesterday Jeremy and I are sitting on the couch after putting up the rest of Keira’s clothes we have and watching something on tv. I think it was a movie that was on TBS or something. That’s besides the point – I hear the door in the kitchen going out into the garage squeaking. Jeremy does too. He says he will go check it out. I ask him “Is it open?” He says no and opens it to find Seth standing there.

He slowly walks in and stands in the kitchen. Jeremy says “What were you doing?” Cause I mean it’s weird he was just standing there fiddling with the door knob. He waits for a second and then – “If found a piece of metal and tried to pick the lock on the truck and the metal broke and now I can’t get it out.” I thought WTH?!?!?!?!!?

I pick up a few cups on the table in the living room and go into the kitchen and ask him to repeat what he just said again. He says the same thing and I’m kind of speechless. Of course – he gets in trouble – then I tell him to go ahead and get in the shower and get his stuff ready for school tomorrow. Jeremy is pretty mad too as you can imagine. We grab a flash light (cause it was starting to get dark) and a knife and head outside.

Sure enough the key won’t fit in the door on the driver’s side to unlock it. Thank goodness we have a key pad to lock and unlock the door but still – the fact that the key won’t work sucks if the key pad ever quits working. Jeremy wanted to know what kind of metal thing Seth used so I go inside to get him and ask him. When it broke he said he threw it in the grass and came to tell us. He wasn’t in the shower yet so I made him go out and find it.

It was a thin piece of metal that at one point had rubber on it. He went inside to get in the shower while Jeremy tried to get the broken piece out of the door with a swiss army knife and magnet. After about ten minutes of fiddling with the key hole he was able to move the piece of broken metal out-of-the-way and behind the little “door” that moves when you insert a key and it worked. Thank goodness!

Still – Seth is grounded – from anything fun for the next two weeks. No sleeping over at his friend’s house like was planned that same day and no video games or tv. He also isn’t allowed to play with the new kids across the street. Which is where we think he got the whole “lets pick a lock” concept. As far as I know – he’s never heard anything about how to pick locks from anyone else and they just moved in and are older so I’m thinking it has to be them. BUT – we asked where he heard about lock picking and he told us something we didn’t expect to hear. He heard about it at CHURCH.

Really? We told him we would ask who he said told him about it and he didn’t change his story. So I guess we will see. I doubt Seth will ever be a criminal or anything and I am sure he was just curious but it really stressed both me and Jeremy out. I mean – we just paid off that truck and it would suck to have to take it some where to have the key hole fixed.

xo – S.J.


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