House Hunting? (Day 175)

First off – we aren’t moving. We aren’t the one’s house hunting.

I won’t say who is cause you know – I might hurt feelings or whatever.

Thing is – the person looking for a house hasn’t even put theirs up for sale yet. How do you expect to buy a new house when the one you live in still hasn’t been sold? I mean – unless you are going to rent it out which I would definitely do – lots more people are up for renting than they used to be.

The other thing I don’t get – why in the world obsess over a house you found and measure every room to make sure your furniture will fit and go look at it five times in two days – when you aren’t even sure you can afford it? That makes no sense to me. It’s kind of what’s wrong with our country today – people don’t know how to live within their means. Don’t buy it if you don’t have the money to pay for it right then or coming up within the next 30 so you can pay off your credit card. I learned that one the hard way. I mean I know that doesn’t exactly work for a house but you get my point – make sure you can afford it before you buy any thing.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for said person being happy and doing what they want – I just don’t understand their way of going about it. Also – I’m pregnant – I do NOT want to stand around outside a house and talk about the square footage and what you could do with the yard and how many people you could fit in there at holidays. I love you – but no thanks.

I hope their house does sell  – and it goes to someone who will appreciate it and take care of it (if that someone isn’t us) and that will love it. I hope they do get to move to where ever it is they want to move – I hope they are happy forever. Just – please don’t ask the pregnant lady to any more houses to check out – cause honestly – she really doesn’t care all that much and her ankles are really starting to hurt.

xo – S.J.


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