Last 2 Walls (Day 174)

As I mentioned in the Best. Wedding. Ever. post – this past Saturday I started to trim out Keira’s last two walls in pink. Hint Of Cherry pink to be exact.

Jeremy had a rough week at work and he slept in Saturday while I went to the store and did the trim work. I hate going to the grocery store – I hate it even more when people are rude. Which is most the time. Do people seriously not know how to stop for people in a cross walk?

Anyway – once back from the store I shook up the paint and then opened it. It looked very bubbly to me so I stirred it up with our last stir stick which also had dried blue paint and grey paint on it. I was to lazy to back to Lowe’s to ask for more I guess – honestly I just kind of forgot.

Seth helped me pour the paint into a trim cup and off I went. With the pink we decided to use frog tape on the floor trim so there would be no worries of getting pink paint on white trim and not being able to get it off. The grey we weren’t as concerned about. Also instead of two doors to trim around there was only one window – which we also frog taped off. My only concern was where the grey and pink would meet in the corners. Did I have a steady enough hand? Would I be able to tell when I was getting to far over?

To not freak myself out about it I started to do the floor trim first. It was pretty easy. Then I did around the window and lastly I did the one corner that I didn’t have to worry about getting anything anywhere cause both those walls would be pink.

It got time to get ready for the wedding so everyone got ready to leave. We didn’t get back to painting the room until Sunday afternoon around four. With me going back over the trim I already did and Jeremy putting a nice thick coat of paint on with the roller – we were done by seven. The pink didn’t really cover as well as the grey – but with how Jeremy did the rolled on paint we didn’t have to do a second coat and there were no spots we missed. I let Jeremy trim out the ceiling and do the corners where the grey meets. He has a steadier hand than me.

So – I FINALLY took a few pictures. Although – I will warn you – the grey on the walls DOES NOT look grey in the pictures – it looks more brown. I had mentioned before that they looked like that some times but mostly it’s a grey color to me and these were taken when it was dark out (as you can see through the blind-less window) with crappy light bulbs in the ceiling fan. So without further a due –
Don’t mind the boxes in the floor – they were taken by the garbage man today. To give you perspective – the entry door to the room is right across from the window. The closet is right beside that light switch you see in the second picture (which the first picture was taken where that chair is sitting). Can you see it? 🙂

Also – I hope to get the better version of the changing table pad at my baby shower – if not I’ll get it myself cause I hate that flimsy little thing it came with. As of right now that changing table is on the pink wall without the window (the one in the first picture) and her crib sans mattress is against the wall with the window. It will probably be moved around until we figure out just where we want everything. There is also going to be a day bed in there with storage and a glider rocker and stool. We really wanted a dresser in her room but I’m having a hard time imagining one on there with everything else.

We will see how it goes I guess. What do you think? Any suggestions on where to put what?

xo – S.J.


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