Baby Shower Shopping! (Day 173)

Okay so we didn’t really buy anything but we priced a bunch of stuff! That counts right?

Last Thursday I went to my SIL’s house (Crystal) to get a cardigan for the best wedding ever and we ended up going shopping. First – I had to pick up Seth from school and then we headed out to the mall. I think I scare Crystal with my driving. I passed a car on a back road and I saw her cringe in the passenger seat! I don’t mean to scare people! 😀

We went to Target first. If their website wasn’t down I would show you the invites we were looking at. It was going to be about $35 for the 60 invites I needed. Long story short – I never actually received the invites that my friend Natalie bought (at this time anyway). The whole reason I went looking for invites in the first place is because this girl never had time to meet me to give me the invites. I was supposed to give her $20 for reprinting costs (they had the wrong date on them). Needless to say – she isn’t getting her $20.

I had decided to go to Party City to see what they had and I had the thought to text the girl and ask her for the PDF of the correct invites. Surprisingly she said yes. I got the file within a few minutes. Now I just had to worry about printing them off myself. Our printer being on the fritz I would have to have them printed somewhere else.

Since we were already out at the mall – Crystal and I decided to eat somewhere. It was around six and I was starving. We decided to go to Zaxby’s before we hit up Party City to check out all the other baby shower needs like table cloths, favors, decorations and balloon. We were the ONLY people in the Zaxby’s when we walked in. It was surprising to me to be around six in the evening and the place be empty. Of course – right after we got our food the rush of people hit. Me and Seth had regular chicken fingers and Crystal had spicy chicken fingers. Seth tried one but they were too hot for him!

On to Party City we went. We were thinking pink table cloths and maybe brown plates (or the other way around). Honestly we probably won’t know for sure until we go back this Thursday and check everything out. We do know that we will NOT be getting table cloths or utensils there. Its way to expensive. You can get the same thing at the Dollar Store!

Oh – and they already had Halloween costumes out. Seriously? It isn’t even the end of September yet! Anyway – we got to looking at decorations. They actually had some stuff with giraffe’s on them (along with other things like lions and monkeys). Some of the hanging decorations we looked at you can see here. I do know that I want Hershey kisses as favors. My problem was – what to put them in? I planned on getting Hershey Kiss stickers from Etsy (they aren’t that expensive) that say “Thank You” or have Keira’s name on it or something.

I debated on just doing tulle circles with pink string to tie with but I felt that just too under done if you know what I mean. They have the pink bootie things to put candy in or even lolly pops you can put stickers on. They also had boxes, rattles and bottles you could put candy in. They just weren’t something I was interested in.

Off on the isle next to the baby stuff were more favor boxes. Ones not really meant for baby showers. They were between the bagged candy that you’d use for the favors and balloon weights. One that caught my eye first were these. I like the pink color but it doesn’t come with the ribbon. Yeah you get 100 boxes for $20 but then buying the ribbon and then the candy – just wasn’t floating my boat.

Crystal then saw these beauties. You get 50 for $20 (I may not need more than that) and it comes with the popcorn favor boxes, cellophane bags, ribbons and seals. So – I say yes! I will get them this Thursday more than likely along with a few other things from Etsy (hopefully) like the Hershey Kiss stickers. Favor issue – solved! Now just to find Hershey kisses that aren’t wrapped in orange and black wrappers or have nuts in them!

That was the extent of our shopping for baby shower things. Crystal and I did have a craving for something sweet so we headed over to the nearest Gigi’s Cupcakes and shared one. I bought a whole one and so did she but we split hers and Seth had half of the one I bought and we took the other half home. I am getting a Cherry Limeade cupcake next time I am in there! I can’t wait to try it!!!

xo – S.J.


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