Best. Wedding. Ever. (Day 172)

Thursday I dropped by my SIL Crystal’s house to pick up a few cardigan’s to wear with my dress I got for an upcoming wedding. We ended up going to look for baby shower stuff but that’s another post.

I got a grey one from her and a yellow/orange fall colored one. I say it’s orange, Jeremy says it’s yellow. He says I am color blind – who knows. Anyway – Saturday rolls around (9-10-11) and it’s my friend’s wedding day! I wore the grey cardigan with my black and white dress. Brandi and Christian were getting married at a Presbyterian church in town. It took us about 45 minutes to get there from our house and I’m telling you – it was SO pretty.

There aren’t any pictures I can share with you – just yet anyways – but I can tell you about it! The ceremony was short and sweet (just like any wedding should be). There were seven bridesmaids I think – I can’t honestly remember. I wasn’t paying attention to them! Brandi’s dress was made by hand by a member of her family (at least that’s what I was told) and it couldn’t have looked better on her!

Once the wedding was over everyone headed outside and was handed bubbles to give a farewell (for pictures). Waiting outside in the parking lot was a double-decker bus (like those in England) with a banner on the side saying “Brandi and Christian Just Married” and it had their pictures on it. On the back was another one that said the same thing without their picture. They made their exit to the bus in a wave of bubbles from all the guests and the wedding party took the bus to the reception about 20 minutes away.

At the reception we were greeted with appetizers of shrimp and grits (I didn’t eat any but Jeremy said they were yummy) and skewers of baby tomatoes and cheese with mint leaves. They were YUMMY – I don’t know how many of those I ate. Oh – there was also an open bar. If I wasn’t pregnant you bet I would have hit that up. Jeremy did though – only for a beer or two. I drove home.

Dinner was seated and brought out by waiters dressed in black. First we had a mixed green salad. Seth didn’t eat his so I did! For our main entrée  – Jeremy had beef and I had chicken. I’ve never tasted chicken so good. It had peaches on it and some kind of sauce. Both our plates came with asparagus (yummy!) and a fried potato thing with cheese and bacon in the middle. I cleared my plate!! Seth had chicken fingers and they were just as good. He ate them all.

Their cake was definitely different but delicious. There was carrot cake and strawberry cake. Of course – we all got strawberry cake. For some reason – our table didn’t get any champagne for toasts – maybe they ran out? I paid attention during dinner for their first dance then the mother and son dance. I didn’t pay attention to the father daughter dance cause it just makes me sad. I didn’t have that with my dad since he passed away two months before I got married.

Anyway – it was getting late. Seth had danced on the dance floor with Brandi and his cousin Lili and Lili’s mom Amy. I just didn’t feel like it. It was almost midnight by the time we got home and boy was I tired. Earlier in the day I had went to the store and started to trim out the pink walls in Keira’s room. Again – that’s another post. I just have to make myself write it so I can catch up!!!

All in all – it was an awesome wedding with amazing food and good people. Probably the best wedding I’ve ever been to – besides my own of course! 🙂

xo – S.J.


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