Painting Keira’s Room (Day 169)

It took us a while to decide on the color to go with the pink we picked out for Keira’s room. Which was this color.
In case you can’t see it – it is Hint Of Cherry by Valspar. After several days of looking at two different colors of grey (yes – I got my grey) we decided to go with Warm Grey. Now – for the life of me I can’t figure out which company makes that color but it is something kind of similar to this only darker.
This is Gravity from Valspar – the grey we picked out is a little more brown than this color. Some points in the day it looks very light brown and then some points looks very grey. So instead of just white and black making grey it’s more like white and brown very diluted. Think a slightly toasted marshmallow. This might not help any but –
This is the Hint Of Cherry paint swatch/chip (what ever you want to call it) and the Warm Grey together on Keira’s changing table. I put that together with Seth on Saturday – it was pretty easy but definitely a two person job. You will notice in this picture that the Warm Grey is on a brown toned card. It for sure reads darker in this picture.

It’s grey enough that I like it and brown(ish) enough to where Jeremy likes it. Sunday after church we went to Lowe’s since they are the only people around here I have found to carry Olympic One No VOC paint. We had them color match one gallon of each for us. We had to get a few more supplies like liners, another trim cup and an extra roller. It ended up being about $60 for everything.

Since the next day was a holiday we decided to just go home and chill out the rest of the day. We told a few friends that if it wasn’t bad Monday and if they felt like it – they could come and help paint and we would feed them. Sadly – it started to pour down Sunday night and didn’t stop until Tuesday sometime. We seriously needed the rain – but not that much. No one came to help and with the rain it just made us want to be lazy.

I cooked twice that day – breakfast and dinner – don’t ask me what I can’t remember. At some point we decided that we should attempt to paint. Jeremy and I broke out the plastic for the carpet and moved the changing table and the still in the box crib to the middle of the floor. He began to frog tape around the doors while I pulled up the blinds to clean the window sill – it was dusty – then he could tape around it. Yeah – the blinds broke at the top – falling and hitting me square on the bridge of my nose.

I immediately started crying. It hurt – BAD. Jeremy came over and checked it out – he said it looked red but there was no blood and not three minutes later I had this huge bump on my nose. The next day I discovered that I had in fact cut it as evident by the scab that had formed. It’s Thursday and it still hurts to touch it.

So after all that – we started to paint at around five in the afternoon. Trying to do trim work with two light bulbs in the fan and at night isn’t easy. I am going to have to go back over one trim piece on one wall – it looks awful. We both trimmed for a bit and then when Jeremy was done (he does the ceiling trim, I do the floor trim and the doors & windows) he started to roll the walls.

We were done in about three hours. It was too dark to take a picture of the room and it’s been cloudy ever since it stopped raining. We left the pink walls for another day and bid the room goodnight. I will have finished pictures at some point but don’t bet on when.

xo – S.J.


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