Sugar, Sugar (Day 167)

Friday September 2nd I had a doctor’s appointment. My 28th week check up or rather 7 months.

It was my regular appointment and my glucose test. I was nervous to find out how much I had gained but first was the sugar drink. There was fruit punch and lemon lime flavored – I chose fruit punch. The other woman who was there had to wait so they could mix more of that flavor for her cause she said she wasn’t drinking the lemon lime again. She was there for her three-hour test.

When they first checked my sugar that morning – after fasting since ten the night before – it was 74. Normal fasting glucose sugar is supposed to be under 110. So – I was good. I drank my drink and she told me to be back in there in an hour. So I went and sat out in the waiting room alone until this one lady came in who lived almost an hour away. She liked to talk – told me about her daughter who is 14 and how they never thought about having more kids. I don’t know if she was there for a pregnancy test or not – I didn’t ask.

I then got called back for my regular appointment. They checked my blood pressure and gave me my cup and then checked my weight. Ready? 167. I wanted to hide. I’d gained about 4 pounds from the last time which means 22 pounds total. I’ve got about 11 weeks left as I am writing this. I seriously hope that I don’t gain much more.

I took my cup – did what needed to be done and returned to my room to wait for the doctor. The lady in the lab said I had to be there exactly one hour after I finished my drink and after about 15 minutes of waiting for the doctor I had to go back there. So – I left my room and took my chart with me. I was ready to have my blood drawn again like that morning but instead it was just a finger prick. Easy – but still hurt.

She turned around and said “Well – you failed”. I felt so defeated. She said it was supposed to be 140 or less and mine was 150. I asked her what I needed to do because I didn’t fail it with Seth. She asked me how long ago that was and I told her about 10 years. She said that was why – I was a lot older than I was then. She handed me this paper – a diet I had to do for three days and then fast again – come back to the office and do a three-hour test. Get this – breakfast is supposed to be a half a cup of cereal with milk or without, a slice of bread AND 2 tablespoons of sugar on your cereal. Lunch is supposed to be (a packed lunch it said) two sandwiches with meat and cheese, a half a cup of fruit, cake or cookies AND a candy bar. Same thing for dinner.

Seriously? Who eats like that? I maybe eat one sandwich for lunch with a bottle of water and some chips or crackers. Breakfast is usually a cereal bar or instant breakfast. How in the world did I fail this test? I took my “diet” which she said I needed to follow as much as possible back to my room and waited for my doctor – for another HOUR. I called Jeremy in the mean time and told him about my failure. He said for me to ask the doctor what I could do. I also messaged my SIL Crystal to see if she knew anything I could do to help my body process the sugar. She asked her body/show competition sister about it.

Once the doctor FINALLY came in he let me hear the heart beat as usual and then proceeded to tell me that if I failed the three-hour test I would have to check my sugar daily and “most likely” take insulin. Oh heck no! I do NOT do needles – so that is NOT an option. I asked him what I could do to help my body process sugar. His answer – absolutely NOTHING. Liar. In shape people don’t have issues with their sugar – don’t that tell you something? Plus – my SIL’s sister said that I just needed to eat chicken and raw veggies as much as possible. I can do that. She said to eat NOTHING processed. Pretty sure I can do that too.

I will eat what I normally eat Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (my three-hour test is on Friday) with the addition of ONE candy bar a day. I will not force myself to eat the things on that list. I’ll snack on my raw carrots and ranch dressing if I need to during the day and maybe even an apple. I like apples. I will NOT be putting an additional 2 tablespoons of sugar on my cereal (if I eat cereal) and I certainly won’t eat an 8″ slice of cake twice a day. For dinner I will eat what ever I usually eat which is usually chicken or turkey fixed up some way with a veggie and some bread.

Once I got home that evening I went to my Amazon wish list. I had put two Pure Barre DVD’s on there to use after the baby is born. One was $14 and the other was $17. I ordered the $14 one and I can’t wait to get it in the mail. I am going to start doing it now and modify where needed so I don’t strain myself.

I better pass this test on Friday – if I don’t – I don’t know what I am going to do.

xo – S.J.


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