Labor Day Party (Day 168)

Saturday was Jeremy’s mom’s Labor Day get together at her house.

We got there a little late and everyone was done eating but we fixed our plates and sat down with them because they were still talking. The plan was that it was a pool party – no one got in the pool until after we got done eating. We stayed there for a few hours and then decided to head home. It was okay – not amazing but it was fun.

Nothing else was really done that day. I mean – it was a seriously lazy day. I was still stressing over the fact that I had failed my glucose test. We did go over to our friend Casey’s house around seven and had pizza and chicken. We played a few games of Trivial Pursuit – I won once. We have been talking about switching cell phone service providers and Casey’s girlfriend Jakki has AT&T (the one we were looking at) and she had just gotten a new phone. I played Angry Birds for the first time.

We are looking at getting Blackberry Torches 9810 – they are nice. We would only be paying about $12 more a month and we would get internet on our phones – although – I wouldn’t really use it that much. I’d just download apps mostly. I would still do my Facebook and Twitter updates through text messages – it’s easier for me that way. We would only have 200mb each – I think that’s plenty really. Plus – it has Wi-Fi and if you use your Wi-Fi to surf the internet it doesn’t count towards your data usage. You also can call any cell phone and it doesn’t count towards your minutes. The only thing that counts towards your minutes are calling land line phones. Nights start at 7 too. I think it will be good for us. We hardly ever go over 450 minutes (we were looking at a 500 minute shared plan) and that’s counting anyone not Verizon.

Hopefully we can make a decision soon. Coming up – painting Keira’s room……

xo – S.J.


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