Keira’s Colors (Day 166)

Let me tell you – never has picking out paint colors been so complicated.

When I was growing up I don’t really remember what color my room was until it was painted different shades of purple. Not like dark purple but light purple. It was my favorite color then when I was like nine I think (my mom could probably tell you better than me how old I was). It stayed that way until I moved out to live with my dad at the age of 12 or 13. We lived in an apartment so we couldn’t paint. That was fine with me – I decorated my walls with pictures of my friends taped around a mirror. It was good enough for me.

Now I honestly don’t remember picking out the colors for my room but I am sure I had some input. Just as Seth had input into the color choice of his room. Jeremy recently said that Seth’s room looks like a dorm. I don’t think so but maybe Seth has “grown up” taste? I mean – dorms are usually for kids right out of high school into their first year of college. I am sure a girls dorm room wouldn’t be blue – it’s probably pink or red – maybe even purple. When I thought about it though – it made me realize that in nine years Seth WILL be going to college. Considering he’s nine now and that it didn’t seem like it took him that long to get there – I wonder how fast the next nine years will go by? 😦

Boys are easy – colors are blue, green, camo, black – general dark kind of colors. At least from Seth’s point of view (example of his room: blue walls with black furniture). Girls: pink and purple is all that comes to mind. Maybe yellow – if you’re a happy off the wall person all the time. When I went to Lowe’s for paint cards I kind of knew what we wanted. Her bedding is different shades of pink from really light to really dark.
Some of those colors that read brown in the picture are really dark pink/red. (At least I know it will look good with our crib cause they are the same color!) So we knew we wanted pink on the walls. We talked about doing something like is in the picture with a chair rail and two colors. Then we talked about doing two walls one color and two walls another color, either opposite of each other or two connecting walls. Neither of which we have settled on – yet.

The second color for her room is what’s in debate. Brown or grey. Brown as in something along these lines. Fourth color from the top. From here on Pinterest – found at Design Seeds.
I don’t want something too dark in there. In her room (it’s a tiny bit bigger than the one Seth just moved into) there is only one window. I really wish there were two – I think it would be a lot brighter in there. There is the possibility of going lighter with the brown. Any who – I was thinking more along the lines of this. From here on Pinterest.
I think this looks really pretty. Grey is just – amazing. Of course – we don’t agree on the brown or the grey whole heartedly. Jeremy picked out a grey that doesn’t make him “want to puke” and I finally picked out a light brown color that doesn’t make me feel like I’m in a pile of poop. We got those colors we are debating over from this layout of lovelies.
I can tell you for sure the color of pink we have picked out. It’s called “Hint Of Cherry” from Valspar and looks like this.
The grey color I want is called Gravity…
The one that Jeremy likes – is called warm grey. Sadly – it isn’t a Valspar color and I can’t find which paint line it’s from. It’s a lighter brown (don’t know why it’s called grey) but anyways….
There is one brown I don’t think looks too horrible…
It’s called Timber Dust. I think it goes well with the pink and should go well with the furniture which will be espresso and white. I hope it all works out in the end and it looks amazing! I am planning on asking my sister-in-law Rita for her decorative input. I want to know though – what do YOU think???

xo – S.J.


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