Our First Gift (Day 164)

You know how I was freaking out that no one would buy off our registry lists? Well I guess I was wrong. The other day I came home and there was a package sitting on the front porch. I thought it might have been something that we ordered last week but it was too big of a box and not from the right place.

I recognized the name of the store – Uncommon Goods. They have a diverse selection of items to buy from their website. Some of them are a little out of the ordinary but some of them are pretty cool. Things can also be priced reasonably or over exaggerated (at least to me anyway).

Our baby shower is in about a month – I am still waiting on my invites to come in. I do have my thank you cards though – one is about to be sent out for our first gift we received! My friend Jami bought it for us. I’ve known her since the first day in Kindergarten. That’s a pretty long time considering we are 28ish years old this year.

When I recognized the name of the store I knew there was only one thing on the registry from our Amazon list from there. This was it!
It’s an ultrasound picture frame – or sonogram frame. We can change the caption in the opening from the coming soon that’s there to “It’s a Girl” or “My Baby” which I think should really say “Our Baby”. As of right now we will keep it in the closet with the other things going in her room until it’s done. I have plans for this to be part of a gallery of pictures in her room – this being the center. Most of the pictures will be black and white in all the frames cause I just LOVE black and white pictures. There will be pops of color too. I have a favorite Etsy store for pictures!  It helps to that her ultrasound picture is black and white – which ever one we decide to use.

The picture makes it look off white but it is white white. You can also get this in a wood frame from Uncommon Goods but I like the white. Jami – if you’re reading this – your thank you card is in the mail! 🙂 You are an amazing friend!

xo – S.J.


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