The Reveal (Day 163)

This past weekend we finished the last pieces of furniture for Seth’s room. Everything was painted black and had silver handles. The handles were either spray painted or bought. So – the past few days has been the lovely task of going through the stuff in Seth’s old room (toys and such) and figuring out where to put them in the new room.

I’m telling you – the kid has WAY too much crap. Too much as in – we couldn’t see the floor and the only piece of furniture in his room was his bed. Seriously. There is now a pile of stuff in a tupper ware tote in the hallway that is over flowing. Like it comes up to my hip almost stacked full of stuff he doesn’t play with or with clothes he can no longer wear. This will be the FIFTH tote of stuff taken to Goodwill from his room in the past several months.

Oh – and we still aren’t done in his room. The new room still has stuff that needs to be put up into the attic or building. Jeremy is working on getting it done this week. So everything in Seth’s closet (clothes) is still in there – which I need to go through those too. He has a three drawer plastic dresser in his closet which held toys too – that’s still in his old room needing to be gone through. He also has a two drawer dresser (a small one from Wal-Mart) still in his room with winter clothes in them I need to go through.

Both of those items will be able to fit in his closet once it’s cleaned out and that will give him a place to store his shoes on top. I swear he has more shoes than I do! I realized yesterday that most of his clothes are still on “baby” hangers and they actually are still useful. Nothing falls off of them. I think next year we might have to switch over to regular hangers.

So for the big reveal – Seth’s new room.
Don’t mind that cabinet on the left with no top – it was in the garage letting the clear coat dry on it. We got it without a top for free (woo hoo) and used a router to put an edge on it and spray painted it. Those handles (there were two – one for the drawer that is missing in this picture) were bought at Wal-Mart for $5. This picture was taken in front of the closet and 2nd window.
This picture was taken beside the night stand. That door with the sticky note on it? That’s the closet. There is a window to the left of it and the closet will hopefully be cleaned out by this weekend. The Playstation and remotes are in the floor here too – whoops. It stands vertically beside the tv.
Taken from the entry door to the room. That shelf was originally brown and from Bed, Bath & Beyond for $7 on sale a few years ago. We never used it until now! It houses coral from Seth’s Uncle Johnathan, a trophy from a Word Of Life competition and two pieces of pottery Seth’s has painted. The eagle picture also came from Seth’s Uncle Johnathan – I am pretty sure it’s the Declaration of Independence that’s in the other side. Oh – the weights? They are going into the building. The drawer for the cabinet is on the futon (yup – it’s staying) and there is a hard hat that goes to Uncle Jared, a garbage can and a picture that will be framed at some point and put somewhere. Maybe. That garbage can will probably stay in his room – even though we don’t really allow him to have food or drinks in there.

He loves his new room – it doesn’t scream “little kid” and it’s “cool” enough that when he hits his teen years (in three years!!!) he won’t want to change it – hopefully.

So – there it is. Back bedroom chaos into Seth’s grown up room. What do you think? There are a few more things to be put up on the wall and that will be it. Toys will all find a home either in the new room or in the back of the car on the way to Goodwill.

Now to start on Keira’s room. Details on the colors of her room coming soon!!

xo – S.J.


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