Me Shopping! (Day 162)

So I am almost at the month 7 mark (week 28) this Friday to be exact. Three more months to go!!

As far as maternity clothes go – I have two pairs of shorts (that I don’t really like to wear much anymore) and two pairs of pants (one jeans and one khaki pair), and like four or five tanks and one t-shirt. Everything else fit as far as shirt wise until a few weeks ago. The tanks have been my only source of clothing to wear up top and I still have two pairs of jeans I can wear with belly bands but that was starting to get on my nerves too – I had to pull my pants up every time I got up from anywhere.

So – off to the mall I went. We have a wedding to attend the 10th of next month (so excited for my Brandi!) and I needed a dress. My sister-in-law Crystal went with me and Seth came along too. First – we stopped and ate at Jason’s Deli – I love that place. I had a coupon for Seth to eat for free so that was even better!

We ended up parking outside of Dillard’s so we went looking around in there for any dresses that maybe could possibly work for me. We only found one and it was strapless and white and blue. It was a maxi dress which is what I wanted but I just didn’t like the strapless part. On to other stores we went. I think we stopped somewhere in between Dillard’s and Motherhood Maternity for a cookie – that may have been later though.

Motherhood was having a sale – 40% off red lines (clearance) and if you spent over $50 you got $20 off $50 at a later date. Not too bad if you ask me. The shorts and pants that I have are size small, I wore size six jeans before I got pregnant so they fit nicely. Now though since I’m getting a little bit bigger they aren’t so comfortable any more. I knew I needed a new pair of jeans.

First question I asked – “Where’s your clearance racks?” They were in the back of the store so that’s where we headed. No jeans were back there that I liked – the ones that were there were skinny jeans and I’m not too fond of those. I guess no one else is either since that’s all there was. There was a skirt I really wanted but they didn’t have it in my size (medium).

I really like this – they only had extra small and small. Who is that size when they are pregnant?! Certainly not me!! Anyway – I did find a dress there that I ended up buying. I also got a shirt (sorry if the layout is wonky). The shirt was about $7 on clearance and the dress was $35 (somewhere around there). So I only had a bit more to get to $50 to get the $20 off $50 later – so I found me a pair of jeans. Total after discounts was $70 and I got my $20 off for later!
I can’t wait to go back and get this nursing night-gown I saw with a robe. It was $30 and I will probably get some long sleeve shirts since they are out now and maybe another pair of pants if I think I need them.

How many pieces of maternity clothing did you have while you were pregnant? I don’t remember having that much when I was pregnant with Seth and I really don’t have that much now with this one. I know with Seth I wore overalls during the early part of fall. They were comfortable and no one questioned me about it! I probably wouldn’t wear them now though – just because!! I got pregnant with Seth in July and he was due April 1st – so wearing the overalls in the fall I didn’t look too bad I guess. If I did I wish someone would have told me!!

xo – S.J.

Psstt: All the photos came from the Motherhood Maternity website.


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