27 Weeks (Day 161)

I know this is really late in coming but I guess late is better than never. The computer has been acting weird and so much has been going on at home I haven’t had time to post anything. I’ll be playing catch up the next several days and I will try not to overload you with more than two posts a day. 🙂 Maybe three if I feel froggy.

So – The Bump still says that she’s the size of an eggplant with the general size and weight measurements. Nothing new there.

Baby Center says that this week she weighs almost 2 pounds and that she is about 14 1/2″ long with her legs extended. She’s sleeping and waking  at regular intervals (I’m glad to say I now know when she’s awake and when she’s not) which gives me a chance to figure out when I will be able to do things around the house when she actually gets here. Hopefully she will keep the same schedule! 🙂

It also says that she is opening and closing her eyes and maybe sucking on her fingers. Seth never did that and never took a paci so I’m kind of hoping that she doesn’t either but just in case – we’ve already got paci’s. Her brain is very active and even though her lungs are immature they would be capable of functioning with LOTS of medical help if for some reason she would be born now.

Any rhythmic movements I can chalk up to hiccups. Which I have felt her have. It’s cute! Since I am getting close to the end of the second trimester it says that I could start having back pain (which I haven’t – Yea!) and that my muscles could start cramping in my legs. None of that either! I’ve been out towards the center where I want to have her several times over the past few days and I always forget to go by and get my pre-registration paperwork. I MUST get that this week. I’ll feel better knowing it is all filled out.

I weighed myself this morning. Don’t kill me mom. I’ve gained 22 pounds total. I honestly hope I don’t gain any more and I am contemplating buying a Pure Barre dvd. I am sure I could modify anything that I don’t think I could do. I”ll probably get it this Friday from Amazon. You can check out the Pure Barre website here. This is the dvd I want to get.

It’s called Lowry Lofts 1 and it’s $20 plus shipping on the Pure Barre website but I found it cheaper on Amazon. It says you are supposed to use a ring with the DVD but I probably won’t unless I go through the DVD a few times and think it’s necessary.

And just so you guys don’t think I’m nuts – I’m not trying to lose weight or anything! I read that these types of workouts (ballet and pilates) could help with labor and delivery. I will take all the help I can get.

xo – S.J.

Psstt: Picture is from Pure Barre’s website here.


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