Spray Painting (Day 160)

Continuing on from my last post two days ago – my adventures in spray painting.

Why have I not considered this before? Maybe it’s because I thought it would be too hard, or because spray painted furniture would look – cheap. Well I must tell you – neither one of those is true. The hardest part for me (slightly anyway) was sanding. Yes – we had a power sander but I was kind of afraid to use it. Once I figured it out though – after two days and a few spots I hit to hard with it – it was easy.

The other hard part – having my pointer finger hurt from holding down that spray button. I should have gotten the kind with the handle you pull like is on a windex bottle – but I didn’t. Lesson learned. First project tackled was what we call a dresser. It may not be that really but it works for us. Probably really a chest of drawers – eh – who cares.

Jakki and I each took a can and spray painted the doors. While the first coat was drying we shared the bottle of nickel spray paint to do the hinges and the handles. I must say they turned out better than what I thought they would. While everything else was drying we did the two drawers that go at the bottom. Once those were done we hit the doors and the hardware once more. We then did one coat on the large piece of furniture itself. Sadly – that’s when we ran out of the black gloss paint. I would have thought it would have lasted longer.

Jeremy and Casey were delivering the furniture to Aunt Kathy’s house and so I called to see where they were. They weren’t far from the Lowe’s so they went and picked up four more cans of spray paint for us. By the time they got home Jakki and I were exhausted. We also made them stop to get us cream slushes from Sonic. What good husband and boyfriend they are! 🙂

Anyway – we were supposed to go to their house that night for a cookout so off they went home. Jeremy and I however went back out into the garage and he finished the large piece with the second coat. We then made sure everything else was touchable and put the hardware back on and hung the doors. By the time that was done we could touch the drawers and put the hardware on those and put them in the chest/dresser. This is our finished product.
The next day – after church – we came home and did the night stand and a shelf. We also cleaned out the 30 gallon fish less fish tank and moved a white and gold table into the garage to do also. We haven’t figured out if the table is going to be black and go in Seth’s room or white and go in Keira’s room.

As of right now the night stand and shelf are still in the garage. The futon is still in the back room and I am trying to figure out where the night stand should go. Seth is still sleeping in his old room – among the thousands of toys he some how has accumulated. Seriously – he has WAY too much stuff. This weekend will probably be when his bed is moved into his new room. That way we can figure out where everything else should go.

He has already put some clothes in the bottom two drawers of the dresser/chest thing. The two doors on top hide two shelves that I want to get bins for. He could either put clothes in them or toys – I would prefer clothes like socks and t-shirts. We will see. Once all the other furniture is in his room I will take more pictures and upload them. It actually goes really nicely in his room. He loves it so far.

I have to make another trip to Goodwill though – the boy has enough stuff that he doesn’t play with to fill up another kid’s room. I never had that much stuff when I was little – neither did Jeremy. How does this happen? Maybe it’s because he was the only child in the house – I just hope Keira’s room doesn’t become the mess that Seth’s room has.

xo – S.J.

Psstt: What would you call this piece of furniture??


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