Lowes Trip (Day 159)

Friday was kind of an exhausting day. I worked then after work I went to pick up Seth and headed to Lowe’s.

They are the only ones around here who sold Olympic No VOC Paint it didn’t hurt that it was about $23 a gallon compared to the Sherwin Williams No VOC for about $35 a gallon. I’ll go with the cheaper option any day. After a detour to the remote back corner of the store we went to find sand paper and spray paint. Since this was the first time I’d ever be spray painting furniture I had to ask questions. We settled on Valspar Gloss Black and Rustoleum in Nickel. I then asked where the sand paper was and off I went.

Unfortunately, this is the first time I would ever be using a power sander. I knew what size I needed and what kind but I just couldn’t find it. The guy helping me couldn’t either. But after five or ten minutes and two guys arguing over which one was better I was left with two packs of 5″ round 80 grit velcro backed sand paper. Next – the paint department. I didn’t have trouble in this area as I knew what I wanted. We got a gallon of Olympic No VOC semi-gloss (they were out of satin) color matched to Better Homes and Garden’s Bluebird’s Egg (BHG112). I also picked up this.
Frog Tape. SO much better than regular painter’s tape. It’s amazing stuff. We only used it around the window’s and doors because we didn’t want to waste too much of it around the base boards. We had a few mishaps but we fixed everything and it looks awesome. So – after the trip to Lowe’s I left with this.
Plus Frog Tape and my gallon of paint. In all it was about $50 give or take. Not bad. That little short-handled brush really does an awesome job on edging. I would recommend getting one if you don’t already have one. I almost forgot. I had to go and pick up my invitations for the baby shower at my friends house. Her driveway is super crazy and I’ve only been to her house twice before. She always has to back the car out for me – I’m to scared to. I’m afraid I will run off the drive way and into the road.

Sadly – once I looked at them again in the car – the first time I couldn’t get over the cuteness of them – I realized that the date was wrong. 😦 I had to call the girl that did them and let her know because my friend was going out of the country the next day for 6 weeks. She’s going to charge me $20 to reprint them. Not bad I guess but it kind of sucks.

Finally – once home I moved the boxes with Keira’s furniture from the back room into the hall way and moved the night stand into the garage. The futon was moved into the center of the room with a few things on it and I was done for the night.

The next morning Seth started clearing out his furniture. Casey and Jakki (the best friends in the world) came over to help us tackle everything in one day. We started in the room of course and we only had one roller and tons of brushes. Everyone started to edge everything and then Casey took over the roller. We were in there for almost three hours I think. I loved how the paint had NO SMELL, NO FUMES – no nothing. Awesome. We were left with this finished amazingness.
Granted it came out a little lighter than the paint swatch but I’m glad. Seth loves it. Oh – and futon was covered the whole time and we only had one carpet mishap. We didn’t have huge tarps or anything to go on the floor – just 3×3 sheets of plastic. We each had one. It was around three when we finished the room and no one had eaten lunch. Jakki and I went and got pizza while the guys loaded up the furniture from Seth’s room.

Next post – spray painting furniture. Who knew it could be so fun?

xo – S.J.


2 thoughts on “Lowes Trip (Day 159)

    • Thanks! We still have a half a gallon left of it. Maybe I will find a use for it! Seth really likes it – which is what matters. I am glad he picked the darker blue to go with – I wouldn’t have liked the light color I don’t think.

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