In The Beginning…(Day 157)

There was a girl with no sander and a full belly from just eating amazing chicken, broccoli with cheese and ranch pasta salad. Seriously – it was awesome.

After I sat on the couch for a while last night I finally decided to go and pick up the sander from my brother-in-law Jared. He’s a carpenter, electrician – jack of all trades kind of guy. If you need a tool, he’s probably got it. Once we pull up to his house Seth sees this little dog on a lead connected to a satellite dish pole. “Mom – look at what they did! What if he gets electrocuted?” I’m thinking – what? Then I explain that the dog won’t get electrocuted and that’s probably where they let him spend a few minutes outside to hang out instead of being in the house all day.

He gets it and we start to walk in. One of Jared’s cats (they have three – two outside one in) came up to me to be petted. Who was I to say no? I noticed bald spots on her head but what ever it was healed so I pet her. Then I see this little white, orange and black speckled kitten run from under a bush by the porch. You have no idea how flippin’ adorable this cat was. He let me pet him and pick him up and hold him and he even rolled over so I could scratch his belly. Then I see two of his siblings hiding under the same bush. They were scared I guess. I pet the other cat – a striped one named Tiny and ring the door bell.

Jared comes out – gives me the sander, explains the A-F settings and I put it in the trunk. A is slow – F is fast. I won’t be using F or anything from B to E for that matter. A is enough for me. I mention the kittens he says “Take one home with you in a few weeks.” Seth’s face lit up. Great. Two people in the house with horrible allergies to cats and Jared says to take one. I automatically tell Seth no. He looked so defeated.Oh – the bald spots on the mommy cats head? From a bird attacking her. When ever she would go near the tree the nest was in she’d get dive bombed.

I was going back in to say hey to my sister-in-law Rita and Jared says that there are a few more under the bush. His favorite one is black and orange and in hiding. Jared goes in to get cleaned up, I go in to talk to Rita and Seth stays outside to play with the kittens. After I talk to Rita for maybe 10 minutes I head out – I do have work to do! I find Seth sitting on the sidewalk with the orange cat feeding her kittens. It brought to mind the whole trying to explain nursing to him the other day. There were five kittens. One grey and white one, the orange & white one from earlier, two black and white ones but one with more orange on him and one that looked like butterscotch. He was very light orange and white – like a creamsicle. He was my favorite and he let me pet him after he got done eating. I guess he was too full to run away!

Once home I changed into shorts and broke out the sander. Sadly – the sanding pad on there didn’t have much grit left on it – I have to go buy more today. BUT I found a sanding block and paper in Jeremy’s tool chest. To work I went. I started taking off the hardware first – didn’t take a picture – sorry. The piece I am working on has two drawers down at the bottom and two DOORS up top with two shelves. I started working on the drawers first. In no time at all I had the first drawer done.
I took this with my cell phone – don’t mind my toes. It wasn’t nearly as hard as what I thought it would be. Within the next hour – I started at eight – I did the other drawer and both doors. I had to take a shower. I should have thought about it but the furniture probably needed to be cleaned before I started. Any dust that was on me wasn’t just wood dust – it was almost black. Yuck.

So there is the outside of this dresser/chest of drawers thing to be sanded and then on to the night stand. It only has two drawers and small so it shouldn’t take me long after going to Home Depot today to pick up sanding pads for the sander. Cool thing about that – it sucks up the dust! I just have to remember to empty out the thing so it doesn’t get clogged up.

We also decided to just paint Seth’s room one color so I told him to pick between the dark and the light blue. Guess which he picked?

The dark one. So I have to pick up two gallons of paint today and a couple of cans of black spray paint for the furniture. I also have to pick up the baby shower invites from Natalie today. I will be pretty busy after work today! Tomorrow we are loading up the furniture from Seth’s room to take to Aunt Kathy’s house – I dread what his room will look like with no furniture in it besides his bed. Oh Lord – I might just go nuts!

I hope to also enlist Jeremy’s mom Lynda and step dad Ric to come over tomorrow and help paint after dropping off the furniture. I shall bribe them with pizza – plus – Lynda said if we needed her to let her know!!  🙂

xo – S.J.


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