Spray Paint (Day 153)

It’s scheduled. This weekend is painting weekend – for realz.

This coming Saturday we didn’t have anything at all to do. Now we do. Seth’s furniture in his room is old – like – older than Jeremy’s daddy old. Not that that’s like super old but you get what I mean? It’s the furniture that Jeremy’s Great Grandmother (I’m pretty sure I got that right) had in a bedroom. It’s off white and gold. Not really something I’ve loved but Jeremy had it when we moved so we just let Seth use it in his room.

The rest of the boxes were moved last week from the back bedroom and anything left to put up is in the closet. There is a box of stuff for Goodwill, a few picture frames and yearbooks that I’m trying to figure out where to put, three helmets and a shelf. The shelf is going in Seth’s room along with the night stand and chest of drawers from our room (and eventually our other set of chest of drawers from our room). Also in the back bedroom is the boxes with the baby furniture.

Point being – I called Jeremy’s Aunt Kathy last night to ask if she wanted the old furniture from Seth’s room. Which reminds me – anybody need a 30 gallon fish tank? Sorry – back to the point – she said yes, she did want it back and that we could deliver it on Saturday. YES! I told her about the paint coming off and one of the handles missing and one of the drawer fronts coming off. The handle and the drawer front can be fixed – not so sure about the paint. She said it was okay – she knew it was old.

BUT – This means that Seth’s clothes will have nowhere to go for a bit (his night-clothes, socks, underwear, and such) since he wants his furniture black. This means that painting his furniture needs to happen this weekend. Which means his room needs to be done so he can move into it. I don’t want to paint his furniture and move it into his old room to just have to move it again.

The plan? Buy paint for his room this weekend and paint for his furniture and start painting. I plan on getting Jeremy to move the new to him furniture (our old stuff) out into the garage sometime this week. I usually park in there but I don’t mind parking in the driveway to get stuff done. We have an electric sander (I think) or I can borrow his brother’s and begin sanding the furniture to spray paint it. The furniture has a carved design in the front so I’ll have to do that part by hand. We also need silver spray paint for the hardware.

I’ll have a mask – don’t worry. It also seems like the futon will be staying in Seth’s room since no one wants to buy it. I must find a way to put storage underneath it. I think I may go to Pinterest to see if I can find anything. Speaking of – maybe something like this could work.
I found it here at Ikea. Of course I would get it in black. It says it’s 7 1/2″ tall…I wonder if there is enough room under the futon for that? I bet Wal-Mart sells something similar – I must go look. He could put toys or clothes in there – even shoes! I will be getting him some bins to put in the cupboard part that is on each of our chest of drawers. Hopefully this “new” room will be more organized than his last.

I will let you know how everything goes!! I really can’t wait!! Who would have thought I would be excited to sand something?

xo – S.J.


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