Can We Not Talk About This? (Day 154)

Is what I got from Seth after a conversation we had the other day.

Last week was Breastfeeding Awareness Week or something to that effect. When I had Seth I was almost 19 – I don’t advocate having kids that early – trust me on this one. I remember going into the doctor’s office for a check up at 39 weeks and 4 days and having them tell me I was dilated to about 2 cm and 25% (somewhere around that anyway). Then they checked him out on the ultrasound and said “Oh – you’re going to have a baby tomorrow – he’s to big to leave in there much longer.”

What the heck did I know? I was like “Okay” and waited for them to tell me when I had to be at the hospital the next morning. It ain’t happening that way this time – I’ll go to the hospital when my water breaks…seriously.

I also thought back then that breastfeeding – or nursing as I prefer – was horribly gross and awkward. I’d never seen anyone nurse in public – or in a bathroom for that matter – ever. I thought – why would you want to do that? If only I knew then what I know now.

I’m not against mom’s that feed formula to their kids – I did that with Seth. When he got older though I realized that he was sick a lot as a baby and that I could have possibly prevented that if he had been a nursing baby instead of a formula fed baby. That will be something that is different this time to – NO FORMULA. I know plenty of women now who nurse their babies. Their kids – as far as I know – don’t think anything about it.

Hence the conversation with Seth – a nine-year old who’s never seen a woman nurse and always looks away when a Victoria Secret ad comes on tv or when a woman is in a scantily clad outfit or even sometimes a low-cut dress. Heck – he doesn’t even watch when someone kisses on tv. Not that that’s bad or anything but he knows it’s not something he should watch – I mean he’s nine. I know he likes girls – I just don’t want him seeing women on tv flaunt them or have them grabbed or what not. They do that on day time tv you know – I’ve seen it. What has the world come to?

We watched the original “Swamp Thing” by Wes Craven the other day and a part came on to where the lady was bathing in the swamp. We told him not to watch just to be safe (it was rated PG and made in 1982) and two seconds after we told him not to watch – BREASTS. Bare naked breasts of this woman plastered in wide-screen on the tv. I mean seriously?!

Still trying to get to my point – he’s never seen anyone nurse – ever. I started to wonder if he knew what God put breasts on women for. Keep reading for a transcript of our conversation. He was playing a game on the computer during this also.

Me: Seth I have a question for you. What have you seen babies eat from before?
Seth: Um…spoons?
Me: No – you’ve seen a baby eat from a bottle before right?
Seth: Oh! Yeah I have.
Me: Okay – so what do you think is in those bottles?
Seth: Well – vegetables?
Me: (Trying not to laugh) No – it’s milk.
Seth: I should have known that.
Me: Do you know where that milk comes from?
Seth: The fridge.
Me: Sometimes yes if they are old enough. Sometimes it’s formula from a can they mix with water and sometimes it’s milk from the fridge and sometimes – it’s from their momma.
Seth: (Turns to look at me & furrows his brow) Huh?
Me: Well – you know these? (waving motion in front of my chest because I have no idea what to tell him to call them)
Seth: Shakes head yes.
Me: God gave these to women to feed their babies. Back in the day – a long time ago – they didn’t have formula or milk to give their babies. (True – milk was tainted in the 20’s and killed a lot of babies). So when mommy’s have babies they make milk.
Seth: Okay – so…
Me: I’m just telling cause your little sister won’t get milk from the fridge or from a can if we can help it. You get what I mean?
Seth: Yeah – can we stop talking about this now?

I felt so awkward. I mean the boy is going to have to find out sooner or later what they are for and that they just aren’t something God put there for no reason. I’ve seen him stare at a few women when we were out – he’s a boy – I get it – sort of. Anyway – I told Jeremy about our conversation and he just laughed. His comment was “You should have just told him that they are like part of a cow – he’s seen baby cows eat before. He’d get it and that would be it.” Or something to that effect.

I am sure that sooner or later – I’d prefer later – we are going to have to have “the talk” with him. Well – Jeremy is anyway. Daddy’s should tell their sons about that and mommy’s should tell their daughters. I may make up some story that if she (Keira – the little one yet to be born) lets a boy near that area that something horrible will happen – like her hair will fall out. Kidding – partly. I do not want her to end up with a kid before she’s graduated college.

So – if you have much older kids like me and are having or did have a baby – did they already know about what breasts did or did you explain it to them? Did you go about it better than me?! I feel like I crashed and burned – but at least he knows now and hopefully I didn’t scar him for life.

xo – S.J.


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