So Saturday….(Day 151)

I got up at 8:30 to fix breakfast. I kind of felt bad because Jeremy had only been asleep for about six hours when I woke him up at 9:30 to tell him to come and eat but things had to get done that day!

After breakfast we kind of sat around until noon then I went to the store. I hate going to the store. For one – it’s hot and I have leather seats – not a good combo. For two – people annoy me who leave their carts in the middle of the aisle and then there are those people who just leave their cart at the end of the aisle blocking every thing to walk down and get one thing. Drives me nuts. I seriously wanted to just push this one lady’s cart out-of-the-way but she was a big girl and I was kind of scared of her.

Once back home I discovered Seth had mowed the dog lot – and he had cried about it. He was always wanting to mow and he said it was hard. He finished it anyway but he said “I thought mowing would be fun – but it’s not!” I guess that will teach him not to say “I want to mow” ever again. Since he’s old enough now and knows – I am sure mowing will be in his future again soon. Jeremy couldn’t get our weed eater to work however so he called his brother to come over and do it. He kind of has a side business mowing yards. He came over and did it and left not long after our guests of the evening arrived.

They were two of Jeremy’s friends from high school – Sam and Ben. I knew Sam through Jeremy in high school and he owned his own clothing stores. Sadly – due to an attempt to relocate to a busier part of town that didn’t quite work out – he had to close his doors within the last few weeks. Ben lives in Atlanta and just graduated aviation mechanic school or something. He told us – I just forgot already.

We had burgers and they played games on the PS3 – not really my type of game so I sat out. Two other friends showed up later and stayed for a while. It’s nice to have people over – I just wish that more people would make the drive out to see us.

OH. I may have mentioned before but we have a house across the street from us that was busted a few years ago as a meth lab. It was a really nice house. All hardwood floors – tons of cabinets in the kitchen with stainless steel appliances. Darn people had to go and mess it up. Well – we’ve noticed that this past week there were cars being over there. Someone is fixing it up to move in!

They tore down the banisters on the front porch (one of the neighborhood kids broke all the spindles with a bat and a few windows) and I saw them start taking in sheet rock Saturday too. I’ve noticed a couple there and there is a teenage girl and boy about Seth’s age. Sunday there was an older man over there and they had redone the back porch to where there were no steps. That seems odd to me but what ever. They also have a dog – it looks to be a golden retriever but it’s a lot leaner – not really sure what it is but he/she’s pretty!

Sunday was our lazy day – and I baked – a lot. Tell you about it soon!!

xo – S.J.


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