Progress…Sort Of (Day 150)

Yesterday I told you about the new furniture we got (you can check it out here). When I got home last night it was no longer in the kitchen. Yeah! BUT – a piece of our old furniture was in the hallway in front of the hall closet where we keep towels, sheets and rags and things. Not where I really expected but it’s in a place where it won’t bug me to death.

Yesterday Jeremy mowed the whole yard by himself (Seth will mow the dogs yard and Jeremy will weed eat tomorrow). We have an acre of land that our house sits on – doesn’t really LOOK like much but it is. I am so glad we have a better mower to mow it too! He sent me a picture of himself after he mowed of his forehead – poor guy – he looked like he had been in a sauna!

He also (after cleaning up) moved the furniture into the bedroom. I put all our old clothes into the new dresser and night stand. I was surprised to find that the only things that wouldn’t fit in there were our pajama pants and all of our bathing suits and Jeremy’s shorts. They are still in their respective places in the chest of drawers which has our tv on top of it. We hope to find a new one soon.

Turns out that mirror that went to the dresser – didn’t originally go with the dresser. It was a wall mirror they retrofitted to work on the dresser (smart folks) but it is pretty heavy and Jeremy put it together alone. I kept noticing something was off in the bedroom. I knew it was different but there was just something else different. As I was putting the last of the clothes in the new dresser I realized what it was.

Jeremy had moved the bed over about three inches from where it was. There was now a little less space on my side of the bed (where the new night stand went) and a little bit more on his side (because of the drawers in the dresser). I thought it was so weird that just those three inches made me feel like I was in the twilight zone.

Now the plan for Saturday is this – get up and fix breakfast kind of early (eight it early for us on the weekend). Jeremy and Seth head outside to mow and weed eat while I mop the kitchen. Oh – I also plan on buying the paint we need for Seth’s room TONIGHT. Vacuuming is next followed by dusting and then making sure the bathrooms are clean. Hopefully Jeremy can put up the four or five boxes in the back room and we can move the futon into the middle of the room and primer which ever wall it is that Seth wants dark. Opening windows will be key (since I can’t smell the primer).

Jeremy is also on board with painting the hardware on the new furniture but we just haven’t decided what yet. I’m on the ORB train with Sherri at Young House Love. This is her before and after of an outdoor table she redid with some ORB.









You can find the post on how she did it (and the chairs) here. I promise you – even though in the picture from yesterday’s post the handles already look dark like this – they aren’t. Imagine a really dirty gold drawer pull. That’s what they really look like. I am sure they (the previous owners) did the hardware that way intentionally to match the distressed look they did. I don’t like it though.

I may try to go home tonight and work on the back bedroom myself – cleaning it up – not painting. I will dig out the primer though from under the sink and the rollers, paint brushes and all the other necessities. Since we have people coming over tomorrow night I won’t want to get too into the room (as far as painting) and I will have to make space to go to the store some time between now and then. Wish us luck!!

xo – S.J.


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