Now You See (Day 149)

Yesterday I wrote about how stressed out I was about – well – everything. Today I have proof of why I’m stressed out. Go me!

Yeah – see I’m trying to be positive there. I also mentioned in that post that we were getting new to us furniture – which you shall see. I figured maybe it would stay in the garage until Saturday – but I completely understand why it’s where it is cause I don’t want anything getting into it either. You know – like spiders.
Our lovely kitchen. So spacious you can have almost a whole set of furniture in there too!!

In the first picture you have in the reflection of the mirror Jeremy’s Converse and his motorcycle boots next to our desk which only gets used by Seth really to play computer games and do his Bible study which is tucked in those baskets along with a lot of other papers.

You also see in that picture our lovely fake tree that we plan on putting lights in – seriously I hated it at first but now I like it. Behind the mirror is our dining room table that seats six with our fish chillin’ out in her tank – her name is Bella. That bamboo you see sticking out? It’s in a grape vase that’s about as tall as the table – you just can’t see it. Behind the table is two boxes – the large box which you can see is our crib and the small box you can’t see is our changing table.

That lovely dresser/mirror and night stand only cost us $100 (really). We found it on Craigslist – well Jeremy found it on Craigslist. In the second picture you can see our “drop off table” and chair to take off shoes and such. Currently it houses a drill and two batteries and a vase with dried roses in it.

Did you notice the dresser and night stand have glass on top? Oh – and how flippin’ huge that mirror is?! I love it AND it’s not like wavy or anything. One – well – two draw backs to this furniture. One – the glass on the dresser is in two pieces (it was broken by the previous owners) although you can’t tell in these pictures. The dresser glass has been cut to fit the decorative edging though which I like. Draw back number 2 – in the second photo you can see that the night stand has a spot under the glass where the paint has been removed. For what ever reason we don’t know and probably never will BUT underneath that “aged” looking paint job is BEAUTIFUL wood. I have no idea what it is but it’s very pretty. It’s dark/deep red looking and I almost want to say it’s cherry but don’t bet on it.

So – $100 bucks for a dresser/mirror and a night stand that will be going into our room SOON. Our furniture will then go into Seth’s room ONCE its painted and our furniture will be painted black for him. We will still need in our room though a chest of drawers which we are still looking for. I already told Jeremy that the hardware on the dresser and nightstand would have to go. UNLESS – lightbulb – I could spray paint it ORB or rather Oil Rubbed Bronze or Silver. It’s a goldish color right now – what do you think? Oh – and inside the drawers – all 12 of them – on the dresser – the previous owners put down some kind of paper. Thank goodness it was taped – that way I can change it out – and not glued. I must find something to go in them or just leave it. Who knows.

What do you think? Am I crazy for freaking out about the furniture in the kitchen? I mean – it will be gone soon so it’s not like it’s been there for months (aside from the crib and changing table). My OCD has kicked into high gear though I guess – maybe that’s why it stresses me out so much. Plus side – we got an awesome deal on nice furniture AND it might just get Jeremy us on the move to actually paint this weekend.

xo – S.J.


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