25 Weeks (Day 148)

I realize this should have been posted yesterday but – oh well.

You know – I said in one post that I converted over to The Bump because of better boards etc. Now I’m just a floater – I don’t really like either one but both have information that I need. I just go to which ever one has the most information. So – without further ado – the weekly update.

This week I am 25 weeks or for me 6 months and 1 week along. I hate counting it in weeks for some reason just like I hate it when you ask someone how old their child is and they say “She’s 36 months” why can’t you just say she’s 3?? Isn’t it easier that way? Jeez people.

Anyway – The Bump as moved me into month 6 and says that Keira is the size of an eggplant. It says she should be between 13.6 to 14.8 inches and 1.5 to 2.2 pounds. In case you missed it in the other update of the week she was weighing 1.2 at the ultrasound Friday. The tech didn’t say how long she was but her legs were measuring a few days ahead and the rest of her a few days behind.

The Bump also says that if Jeremy puts his ear to my tummy there is the possibility of him hearing her heartbeat. I’ve never heard that before but hey – it’s worth a shot. It also says that tiny capillaries are forming giving her a pink glow. She is also soaking up antibodies, getting her immune system ready for the outside world. Her eyes are also forming and will begin to blink soon.

You could see her little face in the 3D ultrasound picture we got of her Friday. I just wish we could see her nose better. I can tell already she’ll have her daddy’s lips – I think she takes after his mom’s side of the family. The Bump also says that I have 106 (round about) days left in this pregnancy. Certainly doesn’t seem like long.

Moving on to Baby Center. Head to heels baby is 13 1/2 inches long. It said her weight should be at about a pound and a half so she’s a little under. As her little body starts to line with baby fat her wrinkly skin will begin to smooth out. It says that she’s also growing more hair and that if we could see it we could tell if it was straight or wavy and what color it was. I’ve always wondered what kind of hair she will have.

Jeremy’s hair is curly when it gets long and mine is like a freaking stick and you can’t really do much with it. Jeremy’s hair is really dark brown and mine is more of a dirty dark blonde/light brown. I don’t know what you would call it really. I wish it was lots lighter though – that’s why I color it. 🙂

I have my glucose test scheduled for the 2nd of November. I’m pretty sure I’ll pass it because I didn’t have an issue with Seth. I do however wonder about my weight gain. I weighed myself again this morning and it said 159 so I lost a pound some how yesterday. I’ve already gained 14 pounds and really don’t want to go over 20 if I can help it. It’s not like I am going to starve myself or anything but I know that I had some extra “stuff” on board before I got pregnant so gaining an additional 25-35 pounds like my doctor said isn’t something I look forward to. Healthier snacks like the grapes I have been eating all week and better food like the salad I am totally craving right now with Italian dressing is what I should be eating. I am so going to the store tonight to get lettuce and dressing – now I’m hungry and it’s only 8:35 and I already had a bowl of cereal this morning.

Maybe I can find something remotely good to snack on. Just in case you wanted to see again…
xo – S.J.


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