Let me count the ways (Day 147)

In which I can go nuts. Not like crazy psycho nuts but “What am I supposed to do” nuts.

We gifted our old fridge to the young couple at church which I feel totally awesome about doing but that still leaves the crib and changing table still in the kitchen in boxes. The back bedroom has four boxes of things that need to be put in the attic or building – then there is random stuff that is either going in Seth’s room once it’s painted (like a few pictures and shelving) to yearbooks of Seth’s and three helmets I have absolutely no clue what to do with. There is also the basket full of photos that I never finished organizing sitting in there with a large family picture frame which needs pictures. There is still stuff in the closet in there (not much it’s just big stuff) and the dreaded futon. It may end up staying in Seth’s room even though I seriously don’t want it there.

So yesterday I came home and started to clean. I did the dishes, I put a few more things in the boxes in the back bedroom and threw away two trash bags of stuff. Even after that though you couldn’t really tell I did anything in there. To top it off I looked in the mirror. I’m 160 right now – I’ve gained about 15 pounds since finding about being pregnant. It’s hard for me to say how much I weigh – I was close to that weight about a year and a half a go before I started watching what I was eating and starting to run. I hate that I’m back there now but I know it’s because of pregnancy and I wouldn’t be gaining it if I didn’t need it. I just hope it comes off FAST after the baby is born and with breast-feeding I am hoping it does.

So – after I felt all down and out about myself and trying to clean up – dropping the pointy end of a bag on my foot which hurt, seeing laundry that needed to be folded and trying to get dinner started was all just too much for me yesterday. I just sat down and didn’t want to do anything. After about 30 minutes I told myself I’d feel better if I did fix dinner instead of just sitting around like a lazy bum on the couch while Seth was outside playing. He’d come home and put up his shoes and made his bed – if he could not be lazy – so could I.

I went into the kitchen and started to fix dinner. Homemade honey mustard chicken fingers with corn and garlic bread. Not the best variety but hey – it’s yummy. For the honey mustard sauce you need mayonnaise, mustard, honey, paprika, garlic powder and salt and pepper. I had everything I needed except for the mayo on the counter. So I go over and get it from the fridge and start to take the top off because it’s new and the seal needs to come off.

I drop it and it busts – sending mayo all over the front of the stove and UNDER IT and over all the counters surrounding it.

I threw the lid into the sink and just sat down in the floor and cried. It seemed like nothing I did yesterday went right. I dropped things constantly yesterday and I felt as if nothing I tried to do to make anything better did any good – instead I just made it worse. Seth came in and saw me crying and asked me if I needed his help. I just asked him to get me a roll of paper towels and the trash can and he could go back outside.

It took me a good ten to fifteen minutes to clean up the mayo and I cried the whole time. I had to take the drawer off the stove and clean under it cause that’s how far it went under the stove. Yesterday just wasn’t my day.

Oh – and Jeremy called this morning saying the water was off at our house.

I’ve paid the bill – I checked – two weeks ago and they cashed it. Of course our town has one building where everything is and NO ONE will answer the phone. Lovely. I was hoping today would be a better day and I’ll be darned if it ain’t going to be!!

Good things are happening today – we are getting new to us furniture – it’s just a matter of where to put it at the moment. That’s something else that started to stress me out yesterday. Nothing in either room is done and we are going to have three large pieces of furniture sitting in our garage until we figure out what do with it. I’m going to try to not think about it until it’s really time to move stuff around this weekend. I also got a 30% off paint coupon at Sherwin Williams yesterday – I WILL be buying paint this weekend. Count on it.

xo – S.J.


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