Dress Shopping (Day 146)

I tell ya – I don’t think I have spent that much time at the mall in one weekend in almost a year (we hit up the after Thanksgiving sales – but not this year).

Friday after our ultrasound and lunch with Jeremy and his mom – Seth and I headed out to meet Crystal to go to the mall. I had to get two birthday gifts for two girls parties we had on Sunday and get Seth some of his school supplies because this past weekend was tax-free weekend in Tennessee. We went to a few stores: Charming Charlies, Forever 21, Victoria Secret and a few other stores. Charming Charlies is my favorite because they color code everything but it was SO HOT in that store I thought I was going to pass out!

I got the gifts and then we were off to Office Max. I’m usually an Office Depot girl but it was closer. There were so many people in there we had to stand in a snaking line through the store to get to the three registers and there was a guy passing out candy while you stood in line. It was too hot for candy – it would melt in your hand in the store! We got most of the stuff that was on Seth’s supply list but not all of it – he forgot it in my car and we were in Crystals. We didn’t forget much though: scissors, a pocket folder with tabs and crayons.

After that we didn’t have much else to do so we got a cupcake and then headed home. Crystal came to our house and went with me to eat dinner with Jeremy. The next afternoon we (Crystal and I) were going to meet my niece at David’s Bridal to try on wedding dresses. She asked me to be her coordinator/planner! Bonus? I’m actually getting paid! Although – it’s not a lot – I feel bad charging her because she’s family but she felt bad NOT paying me so we agreed on a small price.

We were there at David’s for about four hours and she picked out her dress, her veil, undergarments and her bridesmaids dresses. The colors she picked are so pretty and scream spring (she’s getting married in April). After that we all were starving (her sister, my other niece, came along as well) and went down the strip center to eat. While there we also booked her photographer for their engagement pictures, wedding and reception.

Honestly – I can’t believe how much we got done in one day. She did want to get married in September but I told her she would stress herself out too much and she should consider moving it back – I’m glad she did – it makes things a lot easier. She’s also got her invitations (DIY) and working on getting the church and reception hall booked. I forgot how much fun it was to plan a wedding – at least – I consider it fun. Other people might consider it stressful and boring – I guess I’m just weird or something!
As far as her colors go – I’ll give you this picture as a hint. It’s not one of the exact colors (she’s got two) but this is similar to the color that her maid of honor is going to wear. This dress is from Beauty Idea on Etsy and guess how much it is handmade to fit you???  $180 which includes shipping. She sells “free size dresses” and there is one that I love that’s $71 including shipping. I may just have to buy my dress for Sonya’s wedding from here – it would be cheaper than buying one at David’s!!

xo – S.J.


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