Little Pea Update! (Day 145)

Friday I had a doctor’s appointment. Seth came with us this time and so did Jeremy’s mom – like last time we had an ultrasound. I am 24 weeks or 6 months along now and so we can be sure if it’s a boy or a girl from this ultrasound. It seemed like my appointment went by quick and I was sitting out in the waiting room with my blank dvd to get called back.

Once in the room – the ultrasound lady was rude, as she has always been – but I try to ignore her because all I want to see is our baby on the screen. I could care less about the tech. I gave her the dvd to record the ultrasound and I am so glad we got one. We will probably get one the next time I have an ultrasound to which won’t be until I’m 8 months along.

Of course she measured everything on our little pea – her legs were measuring a few days a head and the rest of her a few days behind. Her legs seem really long. She weighs 1 pound and 3 ounces – and yup – it was confirmed – we are having a girl! I don’t have a picture on the computer of that print out but I do have these to share with you.









Aren’t they just amazing?! Her little legs and feet are so defined you can see her little toes!

Her face is just – to me there are no words. When I had ultrasounds with Seth I never got pictures like this because they didn’t do them then. To see her little face just makes me want to squeeze her! Jeremy can’t wait until she’s here to cuddle with her and neither can I or anyone else.

She’s got her hands in her face, she didn’t want anyone to take her picture I guess. This was the best one we got – at least she’s not a thumb sucker. I wonder if she will even take a pacifier – Seth didn’t.

Anyway – I want to keep all the pictures and some how put them in her room – get them blown up a little bigger maybe and put them over her dresser or day bed. We will just have to see. I wanted to share – little Keira looks like her daddy I think (and so does everyone else)!!

xo – S.J.


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