GE I love you (Day 144)

Is it wrong to love a refrigerator? Oh so what if it is!! Friday was the other big news – we got a new refrigerator (a GE one)! We have lived in our house for a little over six years (so weird to think we’ve been there that long) and we’ve always had miss matched kitchen appliances.

Our house came with a white flat top stove, white above stove mounted microwave and a white under the counter dishwasher but no fridge. So – we bought Jeremy’s Aunt Brenda’s old fridge for something like $50 when we for sure knew we were getting the house. We also bought a used washer and dryer for $125ish and the washer is still going – we had to get a new dryer a few years ago.

Anyway – the fridge we bought from Aunt Brenda wasn’t white – is was what they call bisque – or off white/beige looking. It was in good shape (and still is) it’s just not the type of fridge I ever wanted but I wasn’t going to complain – it was cheap, we needed one and it worked.

I tried to find a picture of it but I can’t and I totally didn’t think to take one with my camera to show you what it looked like BUT I did take a picture of the new one!
It’s a little fuzzy – sorry – I took it on my phone which isn’t all that great. We had to empty out the ice maker once it got full three times so that it was “cleaned out” according to the guy that delivered it. Same thing with the water filer and the lines – we had to empty out one gallon of water before we could drink it. I really wanted one of those freezer on the bottom and french door refrigerator on the top kinds but it was just WAY too much for us.

After is was cold enough (our other fridge is still plugged up just to the left of me in this picture) I emptied out our old fridge and put everything in the new one. We still had two and a half shelves in the freezer empty and two shelves and a drawer empty in the fridge side. So to me – it’s bigger than our old one. Plus – it’s white so it matches everything else in the kitchen now!!

The old fridge isn’t going to the dump – he’s still useful and there is a couple in our church who just got married about a month ago and moved into their house a few weeks ago – without a fridge. So – we are giving it to them. They are supposed to come and pick it up today. At least that is one thing that will be out of the kitchen – the changing table and crib are still in their boxes in the kitchen.

xo – S.J.


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