Next….(Day 143)

I am sitting here watching something on Georgia Public television – a TV show about catching rats in rice fields and he’s cutting them open to see what’s inside – how many babies they are – well, were – having. Gross.

Anyway – I switched to the next channel. Tomorrow I have a doctor’s appointment. I should be getting an ultrasound and I’m supposed to be bringing a dvd-rw cd to get all my images this time. If we don’t have one here at the house I will just get Jeremy to buy one at the doctor’s office tomorrow. I’ve really wanted to get one (a cd that is) but just haven’t gotten around to asking which ones I need to buy. The ones at the doctor’s office are $5 and I know it would be cheaper for me to go and buy a few at the store but I just really don’t feel like getting out to go get one now.

I also heard back from the lady about my baby shower cake. Two things on it aren’t really do-able by her the way they are in the picture. Hopefully she can modify and it will look just as cute. I am also paying for and getting my invitations and thank you notes with envelopes tomorrow or Saturday. I can’t wait to see them and I hope they are wonderfully cute! I’ve been told they have giraffe’s on them and they are pink. That was my only two stipulations – we love monkeys and giraffe’s with this little girl!

I’ve been working on a wedding too. I’ve gotten most of my event planning paperwork done which I am totally psyched about. I printed everything out for the binder for the couple today and it’s a lot more paperwork than what I thought it was. Fifty different documents with most if not all of them having more than one page. It’s everything you can think of that you would need for a wedding all in one binder. Now if I could just figure out the best way to organize it…I’d be set.

Something else is happening tomorrow and I can’t wait to tell you about it!! I’ve been waiting for this new thing for quite a while – I’m so glad we finally agreed to get it! Woo hoo!

xo – S.J.


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