Today’s The Day (Day 141)

Today is August 3rd 2011. Today is the day I pay off my truck – well, our truck.
It’s just like this but silver. It’s a 2002 Ford Explorer Sport Trac. It’s big enough to do what needs to be done around our house (moving mowers and such) and big enough on the inside to seat five comfortably.

I drove her for a while and then when we got the Civic (which we traded in the Endeavor on) Jeremy started to drive her. He has a messy job (grease and such).

All in all we’ve not had any trouble out of her – except for a few minor things that cost us maybe $20 to fix once or twice which was a lot less than that stupid Endeavor. Knock on wood – I hope that she continues to be an awesome vehicle so maybe when Seth is 15 (which is only five years away – omg) he can drive this and we can get a newer truck for Jeremy. By that time Keira will be in school and I won’t be paying $100-125 bucks a week in daycare anymore! I look forward way too much.

Any who – she’s getting paid off today. You have no idea how happy this makes me. This will make the fourth car/truck I’ve paid for myself. This also starts the period of which I save as much money as I can until the baby comes. I have a STD (or a Short Term Disability plan) at work that I’ve paid into since I’ve been here – just in case I needed it. It covers me for my maternity leave which is usually six weeks but I only get paid for four of those weeks since I have to be out more than seven days before it kicks in.

We’ve toyed with the idea of me staying out for twelve weeks but haven’t set anything in stone yet. I think that’s how long I took when I had Seth but I can’t remember. We will have to discuss it more. I just think that a month and a half old is a little too small to be in daycare. I’m more comfortable with her being three months old and going. We will just have to sit down one day and work out the finances to see how it would pan out.

How many weeks did you take off after your little one was born? We will be paying $125 a week for daycare until she’s one then it drops to $120 and so on until it just reaches $100 a week which is what I pay now for Seth to go to summer day camp. We get discounts if both of them will be in daycare at the same time – which is nice but it’s only 15% I think – better than not having a discount at all though!

Other big things are happening this week too – hopefully I can post about it on Friday. Check back later for my 24 week update!!!

xo – S.J.

Psstt: Photo of truck from here.


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