Oh Giraffe… (Day 139)

I had mentioned on Friday that we were going to pick up a few baby related things this weekend. Well – we did. On Sunday after church we headed out to eat first. Seth was staying at mom’s house for a bit longer to help with the garden or something.

I had mentioned something about wanting a burger the other day and Jeremy suggested we go to Five Guys or if you want the whole name Five Guys Burgers and Fries. This was only the second time I’d been here and it’s pretty straight forward. You get in line to order and you either get a hamburger, cheeseburger, bacon burger or a bacon cheeseburger. ANY toppings you want on it are not extra. They also have little burgers for kids which is just one patty instead of two. Their fries are awesome – fresh potatoes cut with the skin and cooked with salt added after wards. They even have a sign up telling you where the potatoes came from that day. Awesome!

I don’t know how many locations they have but there are two here near where I live. I linked to their website up in that paragraph – you should go check it out and see if there is one near you. In case you’re wondering I got lettuce, mayo, mustard and pickles on my burger. I should have gotten ketchup but I could get that from the condiment station by the cokes. I’d have to say that was the best burger I’ve had in a while…can’t wait to go back! Jeremy got lettuce, tomatoes and mushrooms on his.

After we ate (and packed up the whole bunch of fries we didn’t eat) we went a few stores down to Babies R Us. We had a coupon for 20% off one item that ran out on August 1st (which was the next day) so we wanted to use it on something. I’ve posted this before but this is the bedding set we picked out (it’s Cocalo Taffy if you want to look it up).
I love everything about it. The colors, the flowers and the fact that it comes with a security blanket and a wearable blanket.

We printed off our registry – all 12 pages of it – and started to look through to see what we wanted to get with our 20% off coupon. I know that most people who come to our baby shower will not buy the most expensive things on our registry (which is totally cool and expected) – you know – unless it’s our parents – so we decided to try to find something more than $30 to buy.

Well – while we were walking around I showed Jeremy a bedding set that my SIL and my niece showed me once because there were giraffes and monkeys on it. It was cute but not cuter than this set. I did like the mobile, it looked like a giraffe too.

Well – after taking that mobile off the display crib and bringing it over to the crib with our bedding displayed on it and comparing the colors – we decided to change our mobile. So now we will get everything in the picture above except for the mobile. This is the mobile we switched to.
It’s Carter’s Jungle Jill Mobile. It’s the same price as the mobile that would have matched the Taffy bedding but I just can’t get over the giraffe and it has monkeys on it so that’s a plus for Jeremy.

You may not be able to tell it from the colors on your monitor but each color on this mobile matches colors in the bedding we picked. Plus we plan on buying a vinyl to go on the wall of a damask giraffe in the pink color that’s prominent in the bedding – so everything will work together nicely we think!

Sadly though – the mobile was out of stock. So was the lamp that went with our bedding. So we went back through our registry and looked for something between $20-30 to buy. We debated between a timer for keeping up with diaper changes, feeding etc., a nursing cover and a musical giraffe.

After looking at all three we decided on the giraffe. It’s from Cloud B and it’s called the On The Go Travel Size Plush Sound Machine – Giraffe. She’s adorable and oh so soft!

Ours must be a newer version because her mane doesn’t look like that. It’s more of different colored strings. Anyway – she has a velcro strap so you can hang her on the crib, car seat or stroller. There are four sounds she plays. The “play” button is drums with the sounds of the Savannah in the back ground (like hippos, giraffes and such). The “relax” button plays outdoor noises much like you hear in the South – cicadas, crickets and the like. The “sleep” button plays a waterfall sound (it sounds like white noise to me) and the other button I can’t remember and it doesn’t say on the description. There are two timers – one for 23 minutes and one for 45 minutes.

Since we bought her – Jilly the Giraffe – at night I put it on “sleep” and hold it next to my belly. I know Keira can hear it so hopefully if she ever gets fussy once she’s actually here this will calm her and hopefully even put her to sleep! Maybe I’m dreaming big here but you never know.

We also bought two boxes of clear corner guards from Safety 1st. We of course haven’t put them on our tables yet – they are silently waiting in our hall closet shelf I cleaned out. We only spent about $30 with our coupon – and we got two more 20% off ones to use next month! I still have two for this month that don’t run out until the 11th and 14th. I’m sure I will find a way to use them!!!

xo – S.J.

Psstt: All pictures were linked to their respective locations in the name of the item.



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