I’m OCD….(Day 140)

For realz.

I remember my mom checking everything twice (sometimes even more than that) when we would leave the house to go to school. She’d make sure her cigarettes were out in the ash tray in her room. She’d make sure her curling iron and curlers were unplugged and she’d check the door to make sure it was locked.

Although I don’t think she ever noticed herself doing these actions – I did. As I got older I started to check to make sure my curling iron was unplugged and not touching anything. I’d make sure my truck doors were locked before I went inside for school. I’d check the front door when I left for work and daddy was out of the house. I still do most of these things. I think that’s why my lock button on my keys died on six months after having it – I want to hear it beep a few times to make sure it’s locked. I know I am not the only one who does this.

Now a days I’m more organized with lists and such. I have a list for everything. We have grocery lists, lists of things I need to do in my phone, lists of things I want to buy for the baby, lists of things I want for us, movies I want to watch, places I want to go, things I want to do. My niece Hunter knows ALL about my lists. I think I have even gotten her hooked.

This past weekend I got a phone call from a panicked sounding niece saying “I’m getting married! In a month a half – will you help?” Since I am a certified wedding and event planner I of course said yes. BTW – I’ve only done a few weddings and I’ve done them free as to get experience – one girl did give me $50 – I was so freakin’ excited about that! Anyway – things started running through my mind – LISTS of things that needed to be done like NOW.

I think it finally got to her and yesterday she called me saying that she will put it off until April as to not overwhelm her and her fiance financially and emotionally. Thank goodness! I told her she needed to book an appointment to look at dresses and she said she’s already done that – for this Saturday at one. I’m going with her to spread out my lists of what needs to be done and when and hopefully not freak her out any more than she already is. I don’t think she really knew – in the beginning – what it takes to plan a wedding, but she’s getting there.

I think that’s one reason why I like it so much. Everything has to be done at a certain time and within a certain time frame. Having lists and being completely OCD with everything you have to keep up with is a challenge – but not really for me. It comes easy – I also think that’s why I loved accounting!! šŸ˜€

Point being – I wanted to open my own event planning business a few years ago when I first got certified. We all know what happened though – the economy tanked and everyone lost jobs. I even called the other event planners in the area asking if they needed any part-time help – nope. Hotels? Nah – they didn’t need anyone either. So – I was all alone. I decided to make up some business cards and start hanging them on cork boards and advertising on Craigslist. Needless to say the Craigslist posting brought nothing but junk though my in box.

That was about the extent of me sticking my neck out there and designing my papers and sheets and things. Doing this wedding for my niece has gotten me back in the spirit. I’ve gone through most of the things I needed to finish as far as information on vendors and put together a binder of everything you can imagine you need to keep up with. I’m pretty proud of myself. Of course – down the line things will probably be rearranged and changed several times but that’s okay. To be honest – I’d like to just open up a shop and sell custom-made wedding dresses from Etsy shops, jewelry, shoes, invitations etc. A really nice all-in-one kind of place. The stipulation? Everything is hand-made or embellished with handmade items (like the shoes). OH! Like these lovely shoes – I die.
They are from La Plume Ethere on Etsy. Right now her shop is on “vacation” so you can’t look at any of her other items but she will be back on August 11th per her shop announcements. I mean – imagine some white pumps with peacock feathers on them like this – I would have so worn those in my wedding!

Things like that is what I want to sell – dresses hand-made to fit you, tiaras that are hand beaded and twisted to be amazing and earrings to match. (sigh) One day….

xo – S.J.


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