10 Years (Day 138)

It’s hard to believe it’s really been that long since Jeremy and I graduated from high school. My ten-year reunion is coming up in a few months but Jeremy’s was this past Saturday at a new steakhouse and club downtown. They had rented the new place from 6pm until 10pm and then it was open to the public.

There was a dress code. Men had to wear collared shirts with jeans/pants – no shorts allowed and women had to wear a dress. I only had one dress that fit me remotely so I wore it. It was a black sleeveless slip dress that I wore in a wedding last year. I had a silver belt that wore with it so I’d have a little something sparkly going on instead of being dressed in all black.

We got there around seven and there was quite a few people there already. We found a table in the VIP section and sat down. I liked it in there because smoking wasn’t allowed. They had a nice bar area with a few t.v.’s that were showing races. Several people came by and said hi to Jeremy and some of them I knew. Once it started to get crowded we moved into the club section. Smoking was allowed in there but there wasn’t a lot of people doing it and they weren’t around me so I was okay.

Jeremy went off to get me a sprite and there was a girl sitting at the table across from me that said “Hey” and I just kind of stared at her. I couldn’t place her face for anything. “You don’t remember me do you? Kristen from C2C.” I should have known! I was like “Oh yeah! How are you?” She came over and sat down and we talked the rest of the time we were there. Turns out she was married to one of Jeremy’s friends from high school. We shared a cubicle for a while at my old job. She asked about a few people and I filled her in.

I met a lot of people Saturday night and there was even a few people from my school that showed up after ten. Jeremy wanted to dance but I wasn’t really feeling it. I mean – I’m pregnant – I felt like a huge beach ball. None of his friends could even tell I was pregnant but it was dark in there and I was wearing a black dress. When we were going around telling everyone goodbye I danced a little – not a lot. We ended up stopping at taco bell on the way home because the salad I had there wasn’t the best in the world.

That day – before we left for the reunion – we didn’t do too much at all. I packed up another four boxes of things in the back bedroom and started going through the closet in there. Someone else asked about the futon – if they take it – it will be in there for another two weeks then gone. I will be six months this week so that means we have four months to paint two rooms and get furniture for both. Not much – a dresser for Keira’s room and a dresser and chest of drawers for Seth’s room. Pray that we at least get Seth’s room painted by the end of the month! (I wanted to this weekend but that didn’t happen!).

xo – S.J.


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