If At First You Don’t Succeed..(Day 136)

And you spend an hour creating, cutting and taping and it still doesn’t look right, DON’T try and try again.

That’s what I did last night. I had a kid free night (Seth stayed at a friend’s house last night) and instead of going home and putting the few dishes in the dish washer or folding the tub full of socks and shirts that needed it – I created a bag – in Excel.

You see – back in the day when I did sign surveys – we used Excel to draw out the parking lots, buildings, curbs etc. We apparently didn’t have the moolah for Illustrator then. I got pretty good at it and it would only take me maybe 10-15 minutes to draw out a site. Anyway – I tried using GIMP here at work yesterday to develop some games but it didn’t really work out. I knew we had Illustrator at home and that I could use that instead.

So – I get home – fix me a sandwich and settle in on the couch with the laptop in hand. After about 20 minutes I am ready to start drawing out my bag. I go to the start menu and – Illustrator isn’t there. What? I search again even typing it in the search box on the start menu. Nothing. I text Jeremy – “Which computer is Illustrator on?” We have a laptop and a desktop which is now in the kitchen on a desk. He texts back – “On the desktop.” Total bummer.

I so didn’t want to move off the couch. It was comfy, the screen was bigger on the laptop (at least I think it is) and I had pillows and my drink and I didn’t want to sit in another office chair for who knows how long. That’s when I remembered my old friend Excel. I imported the picture of a box layout I found and started drawing the outline. It didn’t really take long for that part. It was putting in the text and the picture and making it centered on the sides of the box that was the hard part. I wanted to make sure it looked right so I held the laptop sideways and worked like that. Yes – I’m that awesome! 😀

After about an hour of drawing, inserting text and a picture of a baby giraffe I came up with a good-looking bag layout. These are little by the way – for favors. I turned on our wireless printer and printed it out on white card stock paper. Our black ink cartridge is still giving us issues but it isn’t as bad as it used to be. Next step was taking the scissors since I couldn’t find an x-acto knife and cutting out the box. The outline part wasn’t the hard part – it was the handles. That was when I really needed that x-acto. Then there was the part of folding the box and then either using tape or glue to make it stay. All I had was tape and so to taping I went. This was my final result.

So not what I was expecting it to be. I changed the wording a few times but decided I would leave the “Welcome Little Keira” there. I tried “Thanks For Coming” but I just wasn’t feeling it.

On the left is where the “box” meets and is supposed to be sealed. Glue would have worked better than tape. My cutting skills on the handles suck – don’t judge – I had only kitchen scissors to use.

I have to tell you. I found similar bags on Etsy that would be customized to what you wanted and emailed to you in a PDF for you to print out and use just like I did here. They wanted $6.

I could see paying that much and doing it yourself if these turned out a little better. I was really excited and hoped that these would work. Instead – I think I’d rather just use something else. I can’t imagine printing out 60ish of these and cutting them out and folding and gluing if they all turned out like this one. I’d be kind of embarrassed of myself.

I am however – going to make other things myself like this little gem.

It’s a muffin liner pom!! I can’t wait to get to making these! I didn’t have any part in planning my baby shower with Seth 10 years ago – I’ve never helped plan anyone’s baby shower. I’ve done birthdays and weddings and I have to tell you – baby showers are much more fun!

I hope my mom, my SIL Crystal, my MIL’s Lynda and Mary and my Natalie are okay with me being so involved. I don’t think I’ve known any other mom’s to have been like this for the baby showers I’ve been to. Is it weird that I’m helping? That I’m so excited to get to making things and putting stuff together? I hope not.

AND we now have a location – we just need to set a time and I can get my invites and my thank you cards within the next week and a half!! I search Etsy and Pinterest just about everyday to see if there is any new stuff to look at for baby showers.

I do have one dilemma. Lots of people have cakes at their baby showers or cupcakes or sometimes even both. Please take a look at the following poll and leave your answer because I am not sure what to do!!


xo – S.J.

Psstt: First picture is mine so – no link anywhere. Second picture of muffin liner pom is from here.

Psstt #2: I feel so smart that I figured out how to put a poll in my blog! Yea me!


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