Games Galore (Day 137)

So instead of working in Illustrator I found that I can do what I wanted in Excel.

Today I’ve made up two traditional baby games and one not so traditional. Now – I don’t know if I am going to use all of these but it sure beats paying $6 to someone else to send me a file of what they have done – when I can do the exact same thing for F.R.E.E.

I’ve made up a baby word scramble game and a toy time line game. Would you know when Yo-Yo’s were first invented? Yeah – me either until I did the game! It was 1929 by the way. I first marked everything up in Excel which honesty didn’t take me that long – then I printed everything to a PDF format to make it more “set”. I didn’t want to open it every time and accidentally move something on the page before I print it. That happens to me – a lot.

Now that I’ve done that though – and I just looked in my folders – I didn’t save the Excel sheets. Darn it! Well – no biggie. I could whip something up in no time to change it if I needed to. I did get the ideas for these games from Etsy – I just recreated them on my own. I am NOT going to be selling these so I won’t be making money off someone elses designs or anything plus – I found all the information I needed for these on the internet for free anyway.

If you want games but don’t want to or can’t recreate them yourself. Check out Made By A Princess on Etsy. She has 56 printables in her store. Lowest price in her store for baby shower printables is $3 and the highest is $13. I have found a printable collection of everything needed for a baby shower that I plan on buying if everyone agrees. It’s from 505Designs.
This is just one of the designs over at 505Designs and it’s $30 for her to send you the PDF files for the following:

—————————– {What’s Included} —————————–
{Personalized Items}
Fill-in style invitation: 2 Invitations per page.
Cupcake Toppers: Ice Cream, Happy Birthday, Name & Age
Letter Panel Banner: Happy (age) Birthday
Party Sign: With Child’s Name
Welcome Sign: With Child’s Name
Centerpiece Circles: Ice Cream, Happy Birthday, Name & Age

{Items You Can Edit Yourself}
Fill-In Style Favor Tags
Food Labels: Add your own text or print blank

{Additional Items}
Thank You Tags
Triangle Pennant Banner – “Ice Cream Bar”
Pattern Papers: Pink & White stripes, Cream & White Stripes and polka dot

Not to shabby eh? You can print out everything you need at home OR take it to your nearest office supply store (or library – some do printing – not all) and have them printed out. You can then take them home and cut out what you need! I’ll probably have the design I am buying printed at Office Depot because as stated in previous post our black ink cartridge and still on the fritz. I’m going shopping this weekend for a few baby related things – post about it soon!!!

xo – S.J.

Psstt: Picture is from 505Design’s Etsy page here.


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