Finally! (Day 135)

Holy poop. Dare I say we shall be buying paint this weekend? I shall.

I am pretty sure that I can convince Jeremy to buy two gallons of paint and a paint brush this weekend. He’s taking the rest of the stuff from the hall closet/back bedroom/Seth’s current room (all two over flowing 20 gallon bins of it) to Goodwill today. That means when I get home tonight I will pack up what’s left of the stuff in the bedroom and set it in the hall for him to either put in the building or in the attic – minus a few things that will be going into Seth’s room once it’s painted.

There is a picture he wants in there he got from his Uncle Johnathan of an eagle and I think the declaration of independence. Also – Seth got some coral from his Uncle that we are going to build some shelves for this weekend – hopefully – so they can be displayed in his room. Seth wants black furniture which I am totally fine with so the picture frames, shelving and one day furniture will be all black. Right now he is still using Jeremy’s great-great grandmother’s furniture – which isn’t really going to last much longer.

So – the plan tonight is to move the stuff out of the room that goes into the attic/building and move the soon to be sold futon into the middle of the room with the eagle picture and the coral. We have a few huge blankets that we use when we need to move stuff that I am going to use to throw over it and I will vacuum. Next step is to dig out the primer from when we painted the kitchen and living room and pray that it’s still usable. Once that’s done – I’ll wipe down the walls and clean the window sills and windows.

There is still the issue of the stuff in the closet in the back bedroom – but that can all be dealt with in an hour or so once we figure out where it should go. I just really want to get painting! I was talking to Jeremy about this last night for just a moment – next week I will be at the 24 week mark of a 40 week pregnancy (or 6 months of 10 months) which leaves us only four months to get Seth’s room done AND Keira’s room done.

I know I will be getting bedding from my MIL for my shower so that I don’t have to wonder about. I’ve already bought a few things (pacifiers and a holder) and this weekend I have a 20% off one item coupon that expires on Monday so I will also be finding something this weekend – even if it’s just teethers I buy! I’m not one to pass up a coupon! I also gave my MIL a 20% off one item coupon that expires on the 11th so that means she will be saving $37ish bucks on Keira’s bedding! Which – if I haven’t shown you before – is this.
It’s Cocalo Taffy from Babies R Us and is $189.99 for the six piece set which includes: comforter, bumper, fitted sheet, dust ruffle, wearable blanket (which is hanging on the wall in this picture) and a security blanket (that is hanging on the end of the crib).

We have also registered for the lamp, changing mat cover, diaper stacker, wall decals, wall art, mobile and the valance. We have been looking at vinyls from Etsy to put on the wall too – we just can’t decide what we like. Making that decision later won’t bother me. I’d like to do that after we pick the paint for her room anyway.

Come to think, I may use my 20% coupon on either the valance or the diaper stacker so we can determine what colors we do want. Not necessarily those exact colors but something that compliments them. I don’t want to do chair railing anymore and have the colors split on the walls as shown in this picture. It just seems as if the new trend is doing stencils or vinyls and doing an accent wall which is what we have decided we want – just like is going to happen in Seth’s room. One darker wall with amazingly awesome stencils or vinyls and the other three a lighter complimenting shade. Like this.










I mean – I don’t know if that’s a stencil or if it’s wallpaper but I think it’s amazing! I die for that chandy! I wish I could put one of those in Keira’s room. Maybe one day I will convince Jeremy to take down the fan and put something like this up – one day…..

Lest I not point out…the crib is white – the dresser is dark brown (at least in this picture, it could be black). I’ve wondered about what it will look like with an espresso crib and changing table with white furniture. Now I know it won’t look bad. The storage day bed we are building will be painted white and when we find a dresser – it will be painted white as well. I’m so excited! I wish I could go home and paint right now! 😀

xo – S.J.

Psstt: Picture of bedding from here. Girls nursery picture from here.


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