Ooohhhh…. (Day 132)

I like to think of the Toy Story aliens when I say that, or think it.

Anyway – yesterday I got in the mail a Destination Maternity catalog for Fall 2011. You can get free shipping until August 30th with purchases of $100 or more. I usually don’t look in catalogs for clothes but I opened it up and was pleasantly surprised to find lots of things I loved!! Some of them were over $100 for just a pair of jeans or just a shirt but I found other things that were in my price range!! Maybe I can get a few pieces in the coming weeks. Below are my favorite picks!

5 Pocket Flare Twill Pants By A Pea In The Pod. 33″ inseam with Secret Fit Belly. Item number 13018 priced at $85.







Textured Maxi Dress By Motherhood Maternity. Sold with a matching fabric belt that isn’t shown in this picture but is shown in the catalog. Also – it looks so pretty in the catalog – this picture doesn’t do it justice. Item number 90164 priced at $44.98.

Ribbed Cascade Sweater By Motherhood Maternity. Long Sleeve and you can get it in Heather Grey, Black (either of which I would want) or Heather Oat. Item number is 97315 and it is $39.98. This is like a must have thing in the winter – plus you could still use it AFTER you have the baby! Well – at least I would.

I must say – in this picture they aren’t that amazing looking BUT imagine them in black (which is what I would buy) with the boots from yesterday that I posted about and nice shirt and the sweater I posted up there. Totally amazing outfit!!! I must have these and the sweater – just in case you are reading this honey – and the boots if you’re feeling froggy!!! 😀 Item number 99788 and they are $19.98 and they are made my Motherhood Maternity.

Lastly – these AMAZING jeans.
I love flared jeans! I wear them a lot, I was hip to bringing these back before anyone else was! For real! Anyway – these are by Motherhood Maternity – (I must have a coupon for them somewhere) with a 33.5″ inseam and Secret Fit Belly panel. Item number 98540 and they are $44.98.

So – that’s it from the catalog. I am sure I could find more stuff on their website if I wanted to. To bring out the accounting side in me lets add up everything shall we?

IF I got everything I showed you on this page it would add up to $234.92. But in all reality, I doubt I would wear that dress anywhere – it just looks really pretty. (I’m being honest-I have lots of things in my closet I liked on the rack but not on me that I never wear now) – now as in before I was pregnant and probably not after either. SO – if you take off the dress it makes it $189.84 which means I would still get free shipping!

I just wonder though if I could find the sweater, leggings and jeans at my local mall. We have a Motherhood Maternity here and that would be awesome. If so I could totally do with out the twill pants – although they would be REALLY nice to have. 😀 If I did just get the sweater, leggings and pants it would only be $104.94. That’s not too bad and I could wear all three things a lot between now and when Keira is born. So totally worth it – right?

xo – S.J.

Psstt: All photos were taken from their respective item number page from Destination Maternity.


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