23 Weeks (Day 133)

It’s once again that time of the week! I must say – I am quite looking forward to next Friday. It’s my 6 month check up and we get an ultrasound! This will be our third and I can’t wait! I know some people say “I get one all the time” but in reality I am on board with my doctor in the thought that I or anyone in his practice will only get them if medically necessary. Even the American Medical Association recommends AGAINST unnecessary exposure which includes doing sonograms/ultrasounds to find out the sex of the baby, estimating gestational age or gestational height and weight, determining the position of the baby and determining multiples.

To learn more I looked up some other studies. The National Academy Of Science in 2006 determined that exposure of pregnant mice and primates to ultrasound waves affected the behavior of their offspring. Although this didn’t say HOW. “Studies have shown that the frequent exposure of the human fetus to ultrasound waves is associated with a decrease in newborn body weight, an increase in the frequency of left-handedness, and delayed speech. Because ultrasound energy is a high-frequency mechanical vibration, researchers hypothesized that it might influence the migration of neurons in a developing fetus. Neurons in mammals multiply early in fetal development and then migrate to their final destinations. Any interference or disruption in the process could result in abnormal brain function. ” Those sentences were taken from the same study.

When I was pregnant with Seth 10 years ago – I only remember having MAYBE four or five ultrasounds (and he’s left-handed by the way – like his uncle). They did one three days before the 40 week mark and that’s why they decided to induce me because he was showing as over nine and half pounds. He was born weighing 9 pounds 1 ounce. I WILL NOT be induced this time around and I WILL NOT have any medication and I WILL NOT have a c-section. Many people I have talked to think I’m nuts for not wanting medication. If you did the research – you probably wouldn’t want any either – same thing with being induced and a c-section is considered MAJOR surgery – yeah – no thanks.

On to what it says about this weeks development! The Bump says that Keira is still the same size as a papaya and is between 10.5 and 11.8 inches and weighing about 12.7 to 20.8 ounces – and says the exact same thing as last week – and it will continue to say the same thing until week 25. So – not going back there the next two weeks for information!

Baby Center says that with Keira’s sense of movement developed that she can feel when I move or dance. I wonder if she likes it when I ride the mower to cut the grass? It can get bumpy!! Baby Center is also a little more defined in how big she is – she is over 11 inches long and weighs just over a pound. They say I also may start to see her move under my clothes – that’s been going on for a week or so.

Blood vessels in her lungs are developing to prepare for breathing and the sounds that she hears are preparing her for the world outside the womb. Maybe I should start vacuuming more – get her used to it. Loud noises that become familiar now won’t faze her when she hears them outside the womb. Yup – I think I will!!! Now comes the part about me. It says that in the next few weeks I should start seeing my ankles and feet swell. How lovely. It also says to prop my feet up as much as possible and avoid sitting or standing for long periods. My job is at a desk – so I guess more trips out to the shop I shall try to make. Staying hydrated actually prevents fluid retention – good thing I drink lots of water!

Well – that’s it. This Friday there are two boxes of things being taken to Goodwill that are way over stacked and after that it’s just a matter of packing up a few tiny things and getting rid of our futon – then the painting of Seth’s room begins!! Jeremy will primer first since I can’t and I will be off to buy paint and a short-handled 2″ angled brush that Sherri from Young House Love swears by for cutting in.
Yup – that’s what they use for cutting in – no painters tape usually. Cutting in is my favorite part of painting. This is also her picture she took – I got it from here. Just about anything you have a question about – they have an answer!! She and John are DIYing ninjas!

xo – S.J.

Psstt: I found the sentences quoted above here.


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