Me Stuff (Day 129)

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about things to get for the baby, things to get for Seth and things to get for Jeremy (cause our anniversary was this month) but I haven’t really been looking for anything for me. Hmmmm….

We decided that this year for our anniversary gift to each other that we would buy a new refrigerator – yeah – that’s right. It’s a side by side with ice and water in the door. It’s a definite upgrade from our current fridge – a beige fridge from oh – early ninety’s. We haven’t ordered it yet but we will in the next few weeks.

So I got to looking on Pinterest – the most amazing collection of everything you could ever imagine – and fell in love with some boots. I pinned these pictures in my “clothing” section cause they are paired with outfits but I MUST have these – at some point – not like I’m going to race out and buy them!
The girl in the picture is Emily from Pretty Little Liars – her real name is Shay Mitchell. I love some of the outfits her character wears on the show and this is one of them. I’ve always wondered how much the outfits are and where I could find more of a description on them and such – that place is Polyvore. You can find anything there. Most people make these images and then link to where you can buy the items.

For example – that t-shirt is from and is $125 BUT I am guessing you could find something similar at Forever 21 or even Rue 21 for lots cheaper. The jeans are described as low-rise legging jeans – I’d just buy low-rise skinny jeans (which I already own a pair of). The ones shown are $145 and I paid $20 for mine. The bag is $295 from All Saints which I could do without – I never carry a purse. Earrings say $76 but you could get the same thing from Claire’s or The Icing.

Then come my favorite part – the boots. Steve Madden Women’s Linderr Distressed Knee High Boot – they are $135 on Amazon with free shipping. I am betting that I could find similar ones at Shoe Show or Shoe Carnival or another online place for cheaper. Aren’t they gorgeous though?! I used to wear heels all the time – I’m getting more into boots now – even during the summer with jeans. Since I’m pregnant though I haven’t been wearing any – just flip-flops mostly – which I need to make a trip to Old Navy to buy more. My grey ones are getting worn out!!

I can’t be the only one who wants those boots!! Oh – if your interested in how Polyvore works either visit their website linked above or click the red Pinterest button at the right of the page. That will take you to my pin boards and you can click on clothing. From there if you click on a picture you like it will bring it up on one page then click again to be taken directly to the place I got it from. If it has been pinned before – you must visit the original pinner’s page. Sounds confusing but it’s not – promise!!!

xo – S.J.


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