Maternity Photos (Day 130)

I am so freakin’ cold right now – stupid air conditioning!! Yes – I would rather be slightly warm than a popsicle. Anyway – I’ve been thinking lately about a maternity photo shoot. So off I went to my favorite place – Pinterest. I typed in “maternity photos” and began looking. I’m telling you – the women who do these naked ones must be REALLY proud of how they look.
Um…I’m not. So therefore I shall not be doing any photos like this one! I mean – good for her and I am sure if she didn’t want a picture like that it wouldn’t have been taken.

I’m more of an outdoors type picture person so I am thinking more along the lines of this.

I mean – this it totally doable in my book. The scenery and everything. I am pretty sure I can find a white dress cheaply and Jeremy has jeans and a white shirt. I am also sure that we could get Seth to match Jeremy and have some family pictures taken.

I am really looking forward to September for maternity pictures – I just have to get a photographer nailed down. (Hint Hint) I can’t wait to see what they look like – really what I will look like then.

Have you taken maternity pictures before? Care to share? I need some more ideas! I have a few on a board on Pinterest but not a lot. You can go check them out by clicking the red P on the right of the screen!

xo – S.J.

Psstt: First picture from here and second one from here.


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