About This Thing….(Day 131)

First – no one reading this will ever know my last name or the last name of anyone I talk about or probably their real first name. I like to make up names for people but then I get mixed up about who I am talking about – it can get confusing. I’ll sometimes use their initials – that helps.

Second – this is a blog. This will be about anything and everything (see up there under my blog name?) that I think about, that I do or that I want to do or things I want etc. Get it? It is my place to voice my opinions, my thoughts, my feelings and anything else I feel like sharing. Every time a new post is published it posts on my personal Facebook page and on my twitter. That way friends and family can one click to what I wrote that day.

Third – WordPress gives me a dashboard to see how many people have looked at my page a day, which posts they looked at and if they searched something in Google and it brought up my site and clicked to it from there. It also tells me the search terms they use to find me and my little ramblings. It’s a neat little thing they got going on – it keeps me well-informed.

I’d love to be a writer/journalist – heck I even turned DOWN a job being a journalist because I realized that the schedule just didn’t jive with my life. It was a BIG BUMMER but I dealt with it and have moved on. I love that people take the time to read my blog every day – or look it up – or search a term and then come to the blog and hang out for a while. That’s what every writer wants. Every writer also has critics about their work. I know I probably do. I know people say that they don’t agree with me, I know that people may not think something is cute that I think is cute. I know that people wouldn’t go to the places that I would like to go and you know what – that’s fine.

This thing – this blog – is my personal public diary. If I couldn’t say it here – I wouldn’t say it period. Anything I have said or linked to or posted about is everything I want to post about. I’m glad I have the freedom to do that. I’m glad that I can express myself how I see fit.

xo – S.J.


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