Work – On The Weekend (Day 127)

We’ve been working on getting the back bedroom cleaned out for about 18 weeks now. We procrastinate – what can I say? Well – this past Saturday I convinced Jeremy to not mow the yard (it’s not that bad – we mowed last weekend) and stay inside all day.

That turned into fixing breakfast: eggs, biscuits and maple bacon (YUM) with butter and jellies and honey for the biscuits. After cleaning up the kitchen we sat for a bit and watched t.v. shows on Hulu together then Seth wanted to go out and play so he did. I don’t see how he stayed out there and played – it was SO hot. Finally at about three in the afternoon we decided we could start doing something productive.

I.E.: Getting the back bedroom DONE – mostly. There were three boxes and a bag of clothes that needed to be put up. Since we were used to having an attic we tried to figure out a way to fit everything up there. Then we realized we have a whole loft section in our mini barn/out building that didn’t have a THING in it yet. It looks something like this.

Ours has a tin roof on it though – black I think. For some reason I think ours looks prettier. Ah – ours is stained a little darker I think. Anyway – there is lots of space up there in that loft. Ours is either 10×16 or 10×20 I can’t remember.

Jeremy had the wonderful idea to take down ALL our Christmas decorations from the attic and store them in the building. Once everything was down – there was about four boxes of stuff. Christmas is our favorite time of year so we decorate a bit. We realized then that it was almost five thirty and we were hungry. I grabbed the keys and headed to Wal-Mart to get some storage tubs that were on sale for $4.95 and some refreshments and food. We got four tubs (couldn’t find them for anything on Wal-Mart’s site) and they are 18.5 gallons each – big but not huge. I ended up getting Subway cause I didn’t feel like fixing.

Once home we ate then started rearranging the Christmas stuff. We used up two of the new storage totes and put everything else in one big box (like outside lights and garland and things). So we had three empty boxes left to pack up other stuff in plus two totes still. Everything from the back room went up in the attic (which there is still space up there for more stuff) and all the Christmas stuff went into the building besides the Christmas tree (that will happen Friday). Now the only thing in our back bedroom is some small things on the floor (papers, vase, flowers from our wedding table), all our photo albums I still need to organize, our futon and the stuff in the closet (which is already in boxes so no big hassle there – they just need moved). You can actually SEE THE FLOOR!

I also went and priced paint Friday. Lowe’s and Sherwin Williams are the only ones who carry no VOC paint around here. Apparently the guys at Home Depot have no idea what no VOC is. There is a local store who carries it also. It’s around $26 a gallon and we only need two gallons for Seth’s room. Jeremy will have to primer the walls cause – our primer isn’t no VOC. I can’t wait to get painting!

Ah – in case you’re wondering. These are the colors Seth has picked out for his room. I tried to find photos of them on the computer but for some reason I just can’t. Kilz Casual Colors C87 – Sailing Day (there will be three walls this light blue color) and Better Homes and Gardens Editor’s Choice Bluebird’s Egg BHG112 (one wall this color). We are going to do them in satin paint and hope to get us new furniture so Seth can have our furniture but painted black. We shall see if that works out!

xo – S.J.

Psstt: Picture of barn from here.


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