Baby Clothes! (Day 126)

One month and two weeks ago we had an ultrasound. That would be our fourth month of pregnancy. At that visit our little pea was being stubborn – like her momma – and wouldn’t get us get a look at the goods. Well – after the ultrasound tech went around and measured everything else she went back to see if we could get a potty shot.Thankfully she did – for literally three seconds – and there were three lines. Our little pea was a girl.

This past Wednesday I went to a girl’s house that I met at my friend’s bridal shower. Said friend’s mom let me know that this girl – Ashley – was selling tons of baby girl clothes for around $3 or LESS and shoes, blankets, toys etc. I thought tons meant like three or four baskets full – instead that meant a whole BEDROOM of clothes. You couldn’t see the bed or the floors hardly for how many clothes this girl was selling. When I went was AFTER three or four other people and my friend’s mom buying about $100+ worth of stuff and stuffing it in her Ford Escape.

Said friend’s mom – Angie – told me she wanted to get the baby something. I could either pick out stuff from Ashley’s house or get the same money amount in new stuff. I thought for a minute about that. Monetary amount of stuff from Ashley’s would be A LOT – monetary amount of new stuff wouldn’t be. I picked Ashley’s.

My niece and I went over at around 4:30ish and spent almost an hour and a half there. I would have spent longer there if Hunter wasn’t there helping me go through stuff. I meant to take a picture to show you guys after I washed everything but forgot – I’ll get it tomorrow though. I got three blankets, a head band (it was black plaid – had to have it) and LOTS of clothes and two pairs of shoes. After Angie’s monetary donation I only paid about $10 out-of-pocket. One score that I’m particularly proud of was a dress from Strasburg Children.

I tried to find it on their website but since it’s not near Christmas it’s not on there. Anyway – it was regularly priced at $120 and Ashley got it way on sale from the discount store they have a few hours away. It’s green velvet with a little collar that has holly leaves and berries on it. On the inside is a little bell sown into the seam on a ribbon. It reminded me of something I think I wore when I was little. It’s a 12M dress so Keira won’t be able to wear it this year but the next.

Plus side – I got for under $5 from Ashley. Negative Side – Ashley couldn’t let her little one wear it because the people at the store didn’t take off the ink containing security tag. Jeremy looked up how to take it off and will work on it this weekend so I can get it cleaned and hung up. After washing everything and showing it to Jeremy (which he loved everything) it is now laid out on the empty shelf in the hall closet until her closet opens up and I can buy hangers to hang everything.

I think I did pretty good – and a big thanks goes out to Angie for the monetary donation to baby clothes. I hope to have thank you notes soon and I’ll send her out one. I can’t wait for you guys to see them!

xo – S.J.


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