No Toothfairy For Me (Day 125)

I chipped my left top back molar a few years ago (three to be exact) – I hope that made sense. I went to the dentist to have it checked out and x-rays taken. I found out that the old school metal fillings I had weren’t all that great and the tooth was still decaying underneath it – hence the break in my tooth.

I was told the roots went into my sinus passages and that they couldn’t just pull it out there – if I wanted it out it would have to be cut out. Oh joy. I didn’t have dental insurance at that time (thanks C2C) so it was either pay about $1500 to have a root canal or about $800 to have it cut out. I picked neither since I was kind of broke at the time. It didn’t really bother me anyway.

They say that pregnancy makes everything worse that’s already wrong with you – apparently in the tooth department it’s true. About a month ago I started getting sensitive to cold things I ate with that tooth. It never really bothered me much before that. Then my whole jaw thing (TMJ) started up and I figured if I get the tooth pulled/cut out I can’t blame my jaw pain on the possibility that it’s the tooth anymore and I could start to maybe fix it.

I called around and made an appointment at an oral surgeons office. Let me tell you – I’ve never been more nervous in my life. I really want to have a natural child-birth so I was focusing on keeping calm, not freaking out etc. I was called back an hour after my appointment time and had my blood pressure and my heart rate checked. My heart rate was about 65-70 and my blood pressure was 97/64 (something around there). The lady looked at me and said “Do you normally have low blood pressure?” I thought for a minute and told her the last time I was at my OB’s office that it was 110/70. She didn’t say anything else and started getting all the equipment out for the “extraction”.

I was moved to a different room (with a more uncomfortable chair) and met the dentist. He was nice, explained everything and said that he trusted he could pull it without having to do any incisions or anything. Yes! So about his business he went. I got two shots on the outside of my gum around the tooth (those didn’t hurt really) then one on the inside like – the roof of my mouth inside. THAT ONE hurt like you know what. My eyes watered a little (note: they were NOT tears!) So I sat up and waited for the stuff to do its thing and we talked about babies you know – since I was pregnant.

After everything was good to go he started pulling. I could feel pressure but that was about it. I thought my mouth corner was going to tear once but it didn’t. I heard some cracking and then my tooth broke. Well – it wasn’t bad he said, he could still get it. Maybe three minutes later he says “Okay – we’re done. You okay?” I heard a tink in a metal thing and then he started taking the gauze out of my mouth and moving the chair up. I thought – that was it?

He said it came out with no problems and that I should be just fine. The newly formed hole in my mouth would bleed for a while but he figured I wouldn’t have to see him again and he said that I was by far the best patient he’d had all day. My m om had picked up Seth and was waiting for me in the waiting area. I still had to pay before we left. With insurance it was $120 bucks. Not bad – not bad at all. Plus – it goes towards my deductible!

They had given me pain meds that my OB said was fine so mom followed me to Walgreens and I dropped it off. It was 5:30 so I was hungry but couldn’t really eat anything. We walked across the street to Steak N Shake and they had burgers while I had a vanilla shake – tinged with blood. Yummy I know – but it was all I could muster to put down.

Turns out I couldn’t take my pain meds – they were hydrocodone pills. So I dealt with the pain for two days. I didn’t go to work on Tuesday because it hurt to even move my mouth one inch and brushing my teeth was horrible because all the teeth on that side of my mouth hurt so badly. Seth enjoyed playing outside all day even if it was a heat index of like 100.

So – that’s my dental adventure. I’ve hated the dentist since I got my braces off at 19. I’ve been for a few cleanings but other than that – nothing else. If Seth can go – I can go right? He likes his dentist (our dentist) – I shouldn’t be such a wuss!

xo – S.J.


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