22 Weeks (Day 124)

I realized yesterday after I got home around 10:30 at night that I didn’t post a weekly pea update. This week has been so crazy – I’m all out of whack!!

The Bump says from weeks 22-24 our little Keira is the size of a papaya. For the next months it won’t be a different fruit or veggie every week – it will just be that one size for the whole month. I have no idea what a papaya is – is that horrible of me? It also says that now she can hear anything that goes on outside the womb. I’ve tried to turn my road rage into calling people “you little person!” instead of other things I used to say. I hate slow drivers and people who don’t use blinkers. I’ve also tried not to be loud but sometimes it is just necessary.

The Bump says her face is fully formed so hopefully in two weeks when we have our next ultrasound we can see her. I wonder who’s nose she’s going to have or if she’ll have the dimple I have in my chin like Seth does. They (The Bump) also says that she is starting to settle in to sleep cycles, sleeping between 12-14 hours a day. I’ve been trying to keep track of when she’s “up” and when she’s not. So far I know she is awake from around 7:30 in the morning to eight something and from about 30 minutes before lunch to fifteen minutes after. Other than that I don’t really keep up with it – I should though. I haven’t been woken up in the middle of the night from her kicking or anything so I guess that’s good.

She is between 10.5″ and 11.8″ and weighs somewhere between 12.7 ounces to 20.8 ounces. I have had HORRIBLE heartburn the past week. She better come out with a full head of hair! Slightly wavy and dark preferably. 😀 I also have not gained ANYTHING since my last doctors appointment – which makes the total I’ve gained so far still at 9-10 pounds. As long as she’s growing and healthy it doesn’t matter how much I gain. I do eat – A LOT. So it’s not like I’m starving!

Baby Center says Keira is 11″ this week and almost one pound. A little bit more specific than The Bump – I like that. Lips, eyelids and eyebrows are becoming more distinct and she is forming tooth buds in her gums. I wonder if she will have wisdom teeth? I didn’t. Her eyes have formed but the irises (the colored part) are still colorless. Baby Center also says that her pancreas is forming inside her little belly.

Baby Center also says I might notice the following: stretch marks, thicker hair on my head (like I need it), fast growing nails and larger feet. Seriously? Like I need larger feet either! I have also had to take off my engagement ring because it was getting to small. In the mornings it hurt pretty bad and by the afternoon I could slip it on and off easily. Don’t worry – I put it in a safe spot! I feel naked without it though. I still am able to wear my wedding band and my one year anniversary ring. My fingers aren’t too lonely without Roxy! lol Get it? It’s a diamond solitaire – rocks – Roxy? Maybe it’s just me.

Anyway – that’s the weekly update even if it’s one day late. I found a picture of a papaya tree. They are pretty big fruits!!

xo – S.J.

Psstt: Papaya picture from here.


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