Oh Poop (Day 123)

Since I was not at work yesterday – I didn’t write a post which is bad cause I need to catch up. I’ll write about why I was out later.

Saturday was a HOT day. It felt like a hundred degrees outside. I had a bridal shower to go to that day for a friend in the city. I slept in that morning and so I went to Hardee’s for breakfast. Seth always wants a sausage biscuit with cheese and Jeremy always wants a breakfast platter. I always get the same thing Seth does but for some reason that day I wanted a sausage biscuit with cheese AND bacon – and some sausage gravy and biscuits.

Bad I know – but I really wanted it. I had to pull up in a parking space and wait for my food. I didn’t bother to check it because I was hungry and I was ready to go home. I got home and started to unpack the bag and get orange juice out for everyone. Just talking about it makes me want a sausage biscuit right now.

We sat down to eat and Jeremy opened his – it was fine. He had everything that came with it. Seth opened his and it was messy but it was a sausage biscuit with cheese. I go to open mine and it’s a CHEESE biscuit with BACON…NO SAUSAGE. I was SO disappointed. I thought – I still have my sausage gravy and biscuits. I go to open it and there is NO BISCUITS! There are two things of gravy in the box but NOT sausage gravy and no biscuits.

Ugh – it was an awful morning already. After breakfast we cleaned up and I got ready for the bridal shower. I left an hour before start time and got there five minutes late. I had to stop and get a bag cause I forgot. Once there I was in a better mood cause I haven’t seen my friend in forever! There were cupcakes, veggies with dip, punch and other nibbles to eat. I had enough to make me happy – that punch was the best. I love weddings and parties so I can have the punch! 😀

Once home I had to go to the grocery store. Jeremy was letting Seth push mow for the first time (he’s nine in case you didn’t know). I went home after I got groceries and pulled into the drive way. I saw Seth sitting on the porch and when I called for him to help he came around the corner crying. He said something along the lines of “I ran over the thing and daddy got mad and and and and….”

So I got the groceries in and put them up myself why he sat outside and cried still. I went out and told him to chill out and calm down – I was sure everything would be okay. I found Jeremy on the side of the house bent over a white PVC pipe that comes out at an angle from the ground. I asked what was going on and he informed me that Seth was push mowing and hit it with the mower. Here’s the thing, the mower was lowered enough to blend in with the riding mower but would stop if he was going to run over something. So when he hit the pipe – that you could PLAINLY see – instead of backing up be picked up the mower and went over it anyway. The PVC pipe shattered.

Come to find out it is the clean out for our septic tank. We live outside the city limits (in the county) so we don’t have sewer. Instead of having to dig up the tank if needed – they could use the clean out pipe. Lots easier and lots less messier. So Jeremy went off to ACE hardware and got a new cap. Thing is – there was hardly anything left of the pipe and there was only one little grooved area to screw on the new cap.

After church Sunday we stopped back by ACE and picked up a rubber fitting to go around the pipe and then we could place the new cap on that. Once home and changed it took maybe an hour for him to dig out around the pipe and for me and him to wedge it on with screwdrivers.

Thank goodness it was a cheap and easy fix for it would have cost us a lot more. Needless to say the only place Seth will be push mowing for a while is the dog lot and that’s okay with me.

xo – S.J.


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