That big ol’ hole! (Day 122)

I was so looking forward to Friday evening when I got up Friday morning. I had less jaw pain but still was going again to my chiropractor. I think I will change back to the one closer to home.

I sat in the room waiting to be adjusted and overheard Dr. Nick talking to another patient of his. Now – 10 minutes before this he had told me he wanted to see me 15 times over the next two months. Which worked out to twice a week. I waited for the lady to come in and explain the plan to me (who happened to be a friend). It was going to either be $852 for all 15 visits or I could pay the $64 I had paid the day before and what I would pay today – each time I came.

Now – I didn’t agree to anything. I wanted to talk to Jeremy first. Glad I did. The chiropractor closest to our house isn’t about the money. I went twice for a torn meniscus last year and he said if it started to bother me again to come see him. He didn’t lay out this huge plan. Anyway – while sitting in the adjustment room (there are NO doors in this place) I overheard him talking to the other lady. He told her he wanted to see her 25 times in three months and it was the SAME PRICE as what he gave me.

Really?? Really.

That right there told me I wouldn’t go back. I’ll go see the one closer to home – who is also cheaper. I was glad to find out though that my $64 bucks for Thursday and $64 bucks for Friday go toward my deductible since I have no co-pays. I actually like this fact – some people don’t. It works when you have an FSA card.

After the adjustment I went and picked up Seth – then my niece Hunter and left Seth with his cousin Jeff at Grandmaw’s house. I then picked up my SIL Crystal to go shopping! I had a few bucks to spend on a bridal shower gift for a friend and a couple of bucks to spend on some baby stuff. Crystal and I were starving so we went to a local place called Jason’s Deli. It was pretty good but not slap your momma awesome.

After that we went to Babies R Us. I got credit for the crib and changing table we bought on my rewards card (you get gift cards if you spend so much in a month) and then printed out my registry to see what little things I wanted to get. I spent $22 and I got the following.

First is the MAM start pacifiers which are BPA free. Size is 0+ months and instead of having a face on one it has a heart-shaped flower on it. All pacifiers, keepers and teethers are buy one get one 40% off so these cost me $3.59 instead of $5.99. The next picture is First Years BPA free newborn pacifiers. The ones I bought look exactly like this. I paid $4.49 for these. The last picture is of the pacifier holder that will match our baby bag we picked out (a black suede with green stitching Carter’s bag). I paid $7.99 for it.

I got up to the register to pay and handed over my registry list. I watched the cashier scan it then the items and I paid for it. The next day I checked my registry online to make sure it took them off – it didn’t. Why not?! That drives me insane. I am a stickler for organization and I thought “If they aren’t taken off someone will buy them and I will have to return some stuff” and I’d just rather not. So I went through and marked them as purchased myself.

After Babies R Us we went to Ulta – a beauty supply store – cause Crystal needed some stuff. Hunter and I looked at finger nail polish and sniffed who knows how many perfume samples. Then it was on to our last stop at Bed Bath and Beyond for the Bridal Shower stuff. When we were pulling in the parking lot Crystal said her foot itched. She said she had been bit my an ant when she was in Florida on the beach a few weeks ago. She scratched off a scab or something and said “Oh my gosh! Look at that big ol’ hole!” I couldn’t help but bust out laughing – Hunter did too. She kept saying it and I thought it was so funny – I almost peed myself. Hence the title of this post. I still giggle when I think about it. She can sound VERY southern when she says certain things and that was one of them.

Anyway – after I found a bathroom and printed out the registry – they helped me pick out a few things and while in line Crystal said she wanted something sweet. It was about 8:30 and I mentioned Starbucks or Panera. None of that sounded good. I mentioned cupcakes from a local place down the street – not that either. Then she said “You want some frozen yogurt?” Um…YES PLEASE! So off we all went to a local yogurt place where you got however much you wanted in a cup, then put whatever you wanted on it (fruit, cookies, chocolate etc.) then it was weighted and you paid by that. Mine was $4 and was yummy! I got french vanilla and Hershey’s chocolate frozen yogurt with white chocolate chips, blueberries and strawberries.

I must say – I haven’t laughed that much in a long time. I love Crystal and Hunter to death – I don’t know what I would do without them!!!

xo – S.J.

Psstt: All the pictures are linked to their location in the product description from Babies R Us.


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