It’s Getting There (Day 121)

So – yesterday I visited my chiropractor office. I actually have two, one close to work and one close to home. This one I went to was close to work.

There was a new guy there – Dr. Nick – yesterday was the first time I had seen him. Of course they couldn’t do x-rays because of me being pregnant. They did a range of motion test on me which I promptly failed – miserably. I thought I could move my neck and head pretty well!

He came in and introduced his-self and proceeded to ask me questions about why it hurt, where it hurt, what could have caused the pain and how bad it was. He was pretty thorough – and nice. He seems a lot more personal and talkative then Dr. P does to me. He said that my neck was severely knotted up and that was causing my TMJ to act up. I then informed him that would be having oral surgery on that same side on Monday. He was like “Well I guess we should make sure you can open your mouth by then!”

He also said that I would be getting some form of therapy. So I waited in the main waiting room and then I could go back to the adjustment room. I waited for a bit because he was talking to some other woman about her back issues in a room across the hall. I wondered how he would have to change how he did his treatment since I was pregnant. He had asked me to lay on my tummy in the beginning of the original consultation – I was like – No. He said “You aren’t that pregnant are you?” If I can’t lay on my tummy to sleep like I used to I can’t lay on your adjustment table that way!

Once he came in the room he popped my back while I was laying face up on a table. I wish Jeremy knew how to do that at home! Then came the part that always intrigues me – my neck adjustment. He picks up my head and neck and starts to feel around on the vertebrae. I always anticipate what it will feel like but you just can’t describe it. It’s like – amazing. The sound you hear coming from your neck make you think “He just broke my neck” but in reality it feels AWESOME. It popped at least 10 times on both sides. Almost immediately my jaw quit hurting. He then took this gun looking thing and it pulsated – he put it to each side of my jaw and did it about six or seven times. He said it puts my jaw back in alignment.

After that I was taken to therapy where they put me on a traction table. It’s got a big roller in it that rolls up and down. The lady said it was supposed to strengthen my back muscles or something. It felt nice. Apparently it felt nice to the guy next to me – he fell asleep and was snoring.

So – I have to go back today for another adjustment and more therapy. Today I am also going shopping for a bridal shower gift for a friend and some baby stuff. I also plan on buying this.
Jeremy loves it! It’s on KreativeKris’s Etsy page as a new-born size though and I am waiting on her to post a 0-3 months size. I can’t wait until it comes!

xo – S.J.


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