Next Summer (Day 120)

I am already making plans.

We WILL go on vacation even if it’s just for three days – hopefully at least four days. I WILL be back down to my weight pre-pregnancy (or even more hopefully). If I succeed in doing that – I WILL buy this.

It’s a bathing suit from Etsy seller ElvenForest and I LOVE IT!! You can get it in scarlet (pictured), brown, black and grey. I’ve always tried to find a bathing suit that had a skirt on it but they all seemed so – slutty – like really short and I don’t really like my legs so…this would work.

The only bad thing is – it’s $117 and shipping is $12 from San Fransisco.

I know it’s a little much but there are a lot of people I know that pay more than that for a swim suit. The strings you tie the top with have leaves on them. It’s really pretty – I think.

So hopefully next year i will look as good as this chick and can wear that swim suit when we take our three (or four) day vacation.

Of course – my plan was to buy something like this THIS summer but you know – that didn’t work out but I’m okay with it!!

That’s it for today!

xo – S.J.



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