Face! (Day 119)

I think of this guy I worked with named Jared when I say that – then I think of the t.v. show “How I Met Your Mother”. Ted is cute! Anyway – the “face” I am talking about isn’t a hand in your face – it’s the surgical face place.

There is a center for oral and facial surgery here in town and the moment I said something about it last night a few people in my Wednesday night bible study class knew what I was talking about. I’ve had jaw pain for almost two days now. I’ve used cold almost frozen water bottles wrapped in paper towels or toilet paper as cold packs to help ease the pain.

Last night I thought about using heat but I didn’t really feel like sleeping with something hot on my face. I have to lay on my left side due to the baby and the pain is on the left side so I basically have to lay on what ever I am using to help the pain. Laying on a heating pad wasn’t my idea of a good nights sleep. We have a neck and shoulder bed buddy that we keep in the freezer and then a larger square bed buddy that we keep in the hall closet to use for heat. You just pop it in the microwave for a minute and thirty seconds and it’s pretty warm.

This is the neck and shoulder one. We got ours from Wal-Mart for about $10. I doubled it up and laid on it and then I heated up the square one and laid it on the back of my neck.

My chiropractor once told me that the nerves in the top two vertebrae in your back have nerves that have to do with your face/jaw area and your sinuses. That is what’s always out of alignment when I go. I think it’s because of a car accident I had when I was 18. Anyway – the pain usually goes away within 5 minutes of him fixing it. I just don’t really like to go.

Back to my point. I used the cold pack to numb the pain in my jaw and I used the heated one on my neck because well – I thought it might help. I had laid in bed for almost an hour trying to go to sleep without anything. A few minutes after I laid down with the two packs I was out like a light. I woke up this morning feeling better but then I yawned and my jaw popped and back to the pain it was.

I got way away from what I wanted to actually talk about. I’ve needed a tooth pulled/cut out for about two years. Back then I didn’t have any insurance and the only reason I figured out what needed to be done was I had a free check up and x-rays from a place in the paper. Turns out the tooth’s roots go into my nasal passage and it was either have a root canal or have it surgically removed.

I hate needles, I hate dentists, I dislike the chiropractor. See my problem? I put it off because really – the chipped tooth didn’t bother me. It had a filling done a long time ago and they filled it with the metal stuff they no longer use these days. I was also told they no longer give gas to patients to knock them out. I ALWAYS had gas when I had any kind of dental work done as a kid. Call me spoiled.

Knowing I wouldn’t get gas and knowing that it didn’t bother me I figured it didn’t really need to be done that badly. After two years its going to be done. I have an appointment at 3pm on Monday. They are going to do x-rays to make sure of what they need to do and I must have a signed sheet from my OB saying what kind of local numbing agent I can have. The lady from the surgery place said “We do this all the time for pregnant women – it’s fine.” I know it’s not fine because ANYTHING I put in my body can effect the baby – that’s why I am shooting for a natural birth. So I’m nervous and scared. Heck I even cried for a few minutes after I got off the phone making my appointment.

I have to line up someone to get Seth from summer camp and I have to go to my appointment alone – Jeremy will still be working. They said since I am only getting local shots that I will be able to drive soon after the surgery is done. Still – I am not looking forward to it.

The only reason I am doing it now is because if the tooth is gone I can’t put partial blame on my pain to my tooth (it’s on the same side if I haven’t mentioned that) and if it’s gone then I can start to figure out how to fix my jaw problem. I think it’s the right move but I also fear it. What if they get in there Monday and find all kinds of other problems? I brush twice a day – I hardly floss but I haven’t had any issues from my teeth since my brace days. I think that’s why I hate the dentist. When they were taking off the last metal band from the tooth I am having removed the orthodontist literally had PLIERS in my mouth and had to put all his weight on them to get the band off. I thought “Man why not just LEAVE IT?”

So – pray for my sanity till Monday then pray that I don’t pass out from fear.

xo – S.J.

Psstt: Picture from here.


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