Oh well….(Day 115)

I found out today that my baby shower will have to be moved to the middle of October from the middle of September. Not a big deal but – we kind of were hoping to have two months to get the things we didn’t get at our baby shower. Looks like that will be down to one month only.

I know that it is unavoidable and I want my friend there and I didn’t go early with Seth so I don’t think it will be that big of a deal. It’s just a little downer is all. I know I will be about 34 weeks then and it’s kind of late to have a shower but  – like I said – I want my friend there. I’ll be as big as a house, a little uncomfortable and maybe not in the best of moods but I know it will be fun. I’m hoping that everything goes as planned and trying not to look at the down sides and instead look at the upsides. Although – the upside is kind of out of my reach as in I don’t know what exactly the upside is besides having my friend there.

I need some positive thoughts people. As Savannah from the HellCat’s says (yes it’s a cheerleading show) “Positive Outcomes Only.”

xo – S.J.


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